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Derin Falana

"Twdd ( feat. The Flan )"

( They call me John )

( John River)
Around a year ago
I heard a mixtape
Played it twice, dude was nice
Said this sh*ts great
Had some lyrics, it's start was kind of lampin'
Little did I know he was only up in Brampton
I hit him up I said you the Flan you the man
I like you're music John I really am a fan
I said well you could touch the masses
Plus you the best thing out you're city since the Asian dude with glasses
Pride is what we got
And pride is what we need
And rap is really tough
I pray we both succeed
Knew to myself
He would ask me for a feature
He did I said no
At the time I was a seeker
And a little too busy to deal with the new prizzy
But chill, I'll be around ya John will be in town
A year later on the track we about to go up
It's John River tell the Flan that we bout to blow up

( Hook )

( The Flan )
Make the most of whatever you got
Do this sh*t wherever we go
We don't care what anyone say
We just live the only way that we know
Cause we know
Even though it get rough
Got to let you know when you headed up
I ain't gonna come down till I get a son
I ain't gonna come down till I get a son

I can say I started from the bottom
Doesn't everybody?
Who'd have that I would have made this rapping sh*t a hobby
And Po, the equivalent of forty sitting shawty in the passenger I'm in the driver seat I'm Ricky Bobby
Man just picture being slept on
And everybody slept in
Opinions never matter cause reality is perception
Wanna create this music
While they all notice my presence
Till the point where " Who's the Flan? " never has to be a question
My homie John
Mississauga city droppin bombs
Type me something
Prior to every storm there's a calm
And somewhere at the top is where we f*cking belong
And we come and swear to god say your prayers sing your songs
They said, on some real life rap, how you both not f*cking signed with appeal like that
I heard a couple hatin homies said my skill might lack
Wish you'd respect
We still climbin up the hill like jack

( John River and The Flan )

That's what winners do
They love it when you fall
They hate it when you successful
They know that you got it goin
But they overlookin potential
Won't like it when you somebody
Everybody pretends to
And that's only cause alterior motives laying in they mental
It's the 905

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