40 Glocc
[Intro: Kurupt {Xzibit}]
Once in the lifetime... (haha!)
Kurupt Young Gotti! (you can place that!) {beat starts}
It's going down. (AOOWW, AOOWW!)
X-to-the-Z, Xzibit! {YEAH!}
Ridin' on... {hahahaha!}
West, West! (yeah, yeah!)
WestCoast is definitely in the motherfuckeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! (YEAH!)
Ride on my n***a!

[Xzibit {screwed voice}:]
Introducin' the X-Man phenomenal. - X-Files, the chronicle!
Aerostatical, nautical, magnificent beast!
Xzibit stick to the logic. You can be bullish and rollick
Yo' ass will still get demolished, polished and keeping' a mulish
My n***as eat like piranhas, we party stupid, retarded!
Most n***as jaded and guarded cause they not popular product
This ain't no Gucci or Prada, this is a topless Impala
North Hollywood body armor for when they come with the drama. {For when they come with the drama.}
So I continue the saga!
Move out the path of the lava, move in position and conquer!
You have created a monster. - Wake up and call out the culprit!
I never weaken or soften, might catch me weezin' and coughin'
Because I blaze very often, I need to knock this shit off of shit (shiiiit!)
I got problems, my n***a, and they get bigger and bigger
You cannot solve with a trigger, this is a pivotal moment!
This is my time of atoning, this is my world and I own it!
So come and take if you want it! - Please God forgive me for sinnin'
Winnin', and makin' a killin' witness revenge of the villains
Sexual healin' from women, I bust a nut to their ceilin'
I crash a plane in their buildin'. - But now I'm "Married With Children"!
Katal and balance the millions, I'm in another direction
Life bless is taking it's blessin's, you need to hear my confession!
Forever walk with a weapon, I live and die like a soldier
{I live and die like a soldier!} - C'mon let's take this shit over!
[Interlude: 40Glocc]
Big Bad 4-0!
Hahahahah! (Aaaayyooooooooooooooooooooooooo!)
A.K.A. 40Glocc!
Live Los Scandalous, n***a! (Aaaayyooooooooooooooooooooooooo!)
BEEYATCH! (Aaaayyooooooooooooooooooooooooo!)
Yup, yup, yoooo!
Swallow back!

[Xzibit {screwed voice}:]
Make patches and master my master piece, n***as have the audacity
Tryna adapt to capacities of your highness, your majesty!
What the fuck is you askin' me? - With my accurate accuracy
Immaculate faculties with a nation in back of me
I see promising situations, evolve into tragedies
I just hustle and hustle because it comes to me naturally
I'm a Buffalo soldier, clappin' you back to Jehovah
C'mon let's take this shit over! {C'mon let's take this shit over.}
I'm a super nova, eclipse on your current events
This ain't no novelty spittin' hotter than barbeque bits
Lorena Bobbit, you dicks! - Trigger's still good in my grip!
You showin' off for the cameras while I just stick to the script
People get Hollywood quick. - When people thinkin' you sinkin'
I got everybody thinkin' I got a problem with drinkin'!
I'm just enjoyin' my weekends so stay the fuck out my business!
I roll with serial killers. {We fuckin' serial killers!} - C'mon!
[Outro: Kurupt]
We in the mothafucker!
Kurupt Young Gotti!
Ooh, y'all thought it was a game?
West, West!
Push my n***a, push!
We push the farline over here, boy!
No games!
X-to-the-Z, Xzibit!
Shoot off!
Shoot off, n***a! [beat fades out]