40 Glocc
Real Niggaz
[Intro: Champ Diva]
Uh uh, turn me up a little, word up, word up
Uh uh, juice it, juice it
What what, new millennium, new millennium
Yeah, yeah, what, what, what
Huh, feel me on this one, uh, uh

[Champ Diva]
Aiyo, son be easy, got some shit that leave 'em internally sleepy
Like Biggie, they can't see me
Holding they guns, plus I stay on one like Big Pun
Dum-didi-dum, didi-dum, here I come
Bringing trouble too, it's a lyrical murder serving you
Champion, the rapping don, a/k/a Scorpion
Drop a bomb, now it's on, L-Long, forty block
Freaker neater, hit the club, we gon' keep shit hot
You my bitch, n***a move, you got beef, yo, how we do
Violate things, make you switch up and get a new name
Close shot, let me find out, you got a new game
Reload, try to hit 'em up, with even more pain
Picasso, fuck around and drive 'em all insane
Drive 'em all insane, drive 'em all insane

[40 Glocc]
I'm on the east chilling, without a vest
I pack a pack of pro-b-black, and yo, I'm ready for sex
I'm a West Coast vet, you can ask Rocks the World, who rocks the best
And you best to pick the right fucking Glocc to test
With yo locks and techs, where I'm from, it ain't option n***a
You either do, or get done
Big like Big Pun, and pop like Re-Run
With two guns, watch you do a damn C and run
For a life force, this thug shit runs through my balls
And veins, I'm leaving with a boss shit stain
I smack you out the ground with low range, n***a
I run with a gang that blast to maintain
It's the same thing, popping off both coasts, lost the dope
It's all about the n***a with the biggest paws
Laws being broken, get you searched, super soaken
I'm representing potent, Californ-I-A
Where n***as gang bang and serve 'caine every day
You getting layed flat on your back from the raid I spray
Fucking roaches, n***as is players not coaches
Turn on your TV, DV's the dopest
[Chorus: Whiteboy]
Things are nothing
Boy will dead, and everybody will rotten
Send them our airplane, send them our mountain
Fucking with the real n***a, real killa
See for ear to my nodding
Me yell out things in Latin
Boy will dead, and everybody will rotten
Send them our airplane, send them our mountain
Fucking with the real n***a, real killa
See for ear to my nodding

[Ill Knob]
Yo, word is bond, we keep it gangsta, while dropping lyrics on these wankstas
Mad deep on both coasts, my whole crew'll shank ya
Stop on many tracks, putting holes all in they back
Or leave 'em choking, Rocks the World forever keep it smoking
We the, cream of the crop, let me show you how to pop, n***a
What's cracking, it's Ill Knob about to make it happen
Rocking Glocks, techs, drinking Heinekens and Beck's
Push a seventy on Sunset, we rock for these checks
It be like, Tony Montana, taking trips down in Havana
It be the rap that wanna rhymer, in Bahamas with ya baby mama
Ill Knob, I eat 'em up like Jeffrey Dahmer, bring the drama
And I'mma knock the fighting till tomorrow
Sun I'm, off the heezy, yeah the Knob style is greasy
To some n***as it's hard, but to me, n***a, it's easy
From Brooklyn to Virginia, n***as know I get up in ya
And skin ya, chop 'em up and fry 'em up for dinner
N***a I will bend ya, or send you to your maker
I'm a West Coast heartbreaker, stand away from salt shaker
I Rocks the World on the low-low, lace this rhyme track by JoJo
I'm smoking dough dough with no lo'
Whoa, hoe, I ain't no trip
I'm slick and equisite, and good with the diz-ick
My boys from South Central, and I'm loving Bed-Stuy
Brooklyn, yeah it's true, the crook's gem
They heart blood in, razor cutting, what the fucking
Everybody's busting, I relate to these cats in more ways than one
West Coast, here I come, if you a killer, where's your gun?
Where I come from, I don't need a buck fifty
Before I start cut in one motion, I been busting

[Chorus to fade]