40 Glocc
Listo (Ready)
[J Steez]
"I, can't let it fly
Not as long as it needs
Not as long as it keeps
I, can't let it fly
Not as long as it needs
Not as long as it keeps
There's" --] Barbra Mason

[Verse 1: Young Brown (40 Glocc in background)]
Breathe easy
Life is a gift, homie, believe me
See, I'm a wrap/rap it up and pass it on through this J Steez beat
They said I been asleep
But I got vision and hunger
And musically, I could see eye-to-eye with Stevie Wonder
I do it for my people
Follow me with a faith of a Hebrew
Look, listen, it's (???) rappin' is deeper
I'm running game, making dough, build my fucking cake
And you running out of breath like you want a shake
Make way, I'm chiselling haters off me
Hustle my way to the top
Make 'em bounce to the heart beat
Hook up the 40, homie, pass me the pistol, the pisto
Yeah, you ready holmes? (Yeah, yeah, I'm listo)
Only one way I can go from here, it ain't down
And there's nothing that I really fear, I'm Young Brown
Perfectin' myself and I'm repin' brown, I'm So. Cal
And you ask me why I take a while, I'm ready now
Chorus: Singer
I, can't let 'em down, no
Not as long as it needs (Yeah, yeah)
Not as long as it keeps (There's)
I, can't let 'em down, no
Not as long as it needs (Yeah, yeah)
Not as long as it keeps (There's)

[Verse 2: 40 Glocc]
All my life
All I wanted was some
Money in my pocket
And food in my stomach
Thinkin' any problem, I done just 'bout done it
Made a living out of robbin' n***as, spur of the moment
I put my faith in my pen to get me out of the hood
When I die, I let my kids know I did what I could
Escapin' the pen, got me knocking on wood
All the money in the world could take my love from the hood
Drinking vodka til I hurl, keep me feeling good
When times get bad, it'd help to get me a push
I got the coast (The coast)
On both of my shoulders (Both of them)
Hoping if I die, I don't go unnoticed
I'm fully focused, asleep with my eyes open
When I think of getting caught
I'm a go out like a soldier
I got plans (Got plans)
And won't be dead for a moment
I'm a make the best of it and watch time pass over
Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Glasses Malone]
Been a long road before the boy caught fire
Lot of stop signs, caught a lot of flat tires
Lot of hearts broke cause a lot of chicks flip
A lot of dope made, man, a lot of stakes stick
Raised by the son, like a seed in the Earth
Seen plenty homies shot, left, bleed in the dirt
Free, made it through, some leaving in herre
Since n***as wanna head, they give me G's for a verse
A life full of pain in exchange for cake
Doubt what I'm about, I rearrange your face
Doubt what I'm about, I squeezed the two
My minds need help, gotta please the jewel
Must sell units, make cheese for doing
If I don't (Clack, clack)
I'm a need your jewels
So when the tough get goin', the tough get to it
To sell a couple dollars, n***as come with break fluid

Repeat Chorus