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"Thim Slick (Cover)"

Verse 1: (G5 Elz)

Sometimes I like White

Sometimes black

Sometimes I like meeeda

Hair down their back

Thim slicks

They come in ever color

Soul from their pops

Attitude from their mother

100 passports

She a fly girl

If mike tried to jack

Ima say that's my girl

I would never front

On my girl

Cause nobody

Got my back

Like my girl

Wang sweater

Margela wedges

She keep her bush cut

Like nosey Neighbor hedges

Bikini wax

Ready for Miami

Body smoking

Like Friday night Annie's

And her kisses


After school candy

Late night facetiming

In her panties

To giving FaceTime

In her panties

She make a mess

Can't use tide on them panties

Damn this beat

Remind me of Lang

Harlem girl style

Brooklyn girl slang

Hold up maybe Tyrika

My 9th grade crush

Even Vegans would eat her

Or maybe Mesha

Morris diva

Boss b*tch


I need to see her

She that Chocolate

You don't get on Easter

Or my dope chicks

Muffy and Lisa

Can't forget about


She got a seed

Lookin at her pics

Like that should of been me

f*ck it

Ima be ight

FaceTime wit Jessica

For the night
[Hook: Jeremih](Fabolous)
That body perfect in my eyes
No matter what they say, everything looking just fine
You get that blessing in disguise
You wouldn't know it, girl you got me
(Thim slick girls get me every time
Thim slick girls could get every dime)

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