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Shawty wanna ride out
Take her to the trap house

[Verse 1: Abrina]
Can’t wait for you to get home
Bags packed boy, we ‘bout to get gone
Along out ahead, all playing through my head
And you, you ‘gon love this sh*t I got

[Pre-Hook: Abrina]
Top down, sun up, yeah we rollin, yeah we rollin’
Cali weather, too fly, you and I, got me rolling
Boy you know whatever that you need, I got it
Do it all for you, just how you want it

[Hook: Abrina]
Blowing kisses all over your body, blowing lipstick
Printed on your body, keep you missing
Everything I’m giving, blowing kisses, kisses
Kisses, kisses, blowing

[Verse 2: Abrina]
Butterflies inside, I love this feeling boy
No more time to waste, let’s get gone
The look in your eyes, the touch of my thighs on you
Now bet your love the sh*t I got

[Pre-Hook + Hook]

[Verse 3: Jeremih]
Blowing kisses on my neck, how‘d I get you wetter
Doing what she want, all I do is let her
Got her c*mmin’ on the D, treat her like Aletta
I swear all these girls ain’t hit, and damn you do it better
So many kisses started suing you
And you prolly thought that I was through with you
I know the last n*gga went to school with you
But he don’t really know what to do with you
I don’t even listen to the sneak disser
Girl I’m all you know ‘till the sneak [?]
Riding ‘round downtown, top down, blowing swishers
You know my n*gga up if you down on
When you down on kissing


You know what I wanna do
Shawty wanna ride out
Take her to the trap house

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