"Good Morning"

[Intro: Ant Clemons]
Yup, yup, yup, yup, yup, yup, yup
Pour a lil' more Henny in this cup

[Pre-Chorus: Ant Clemons]
I work the pu**y on vacation (Ohh)
Day and night, only two occasions (Ohh)
All that to see between your legs (Ohh)
Your dish in the mornin'
Tell me how you like them eggs (Ohh)
This girl got your mornin'
Good mornin', you're the best (Ohh)

[Chorus: Ant Clemons]
Good, good, good mornin' (Ohh)
Good, good, good morn- (Ohh)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (Ohh)
Good, good mornin'

[Verse: Jeremih]
Push the ignition, whip suspension
Reckon I don't need recognition
f**k in the palm fool of extensions
Don't understand me, doctors play my sh*t
Joustin' my Johnson, on some magic sh*t
Told her to ghost, that just common sense
Been on some bullsh*t, yeah, since '96
That year they won, we did the opposite
I ain't runnin' racks through the litters
I ain't whip the whispеrs to the pillow
I fit in where I gеt in, get the riddle
With my ex, I'm like Malcolm in the Middle
I got girls goin' wild, two dykes goin' straight
They can go and make souffle
Room service, order ice for sorbet
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