Get Down / Down, Down, Down (Live)

Suga Free

[Get Down]

[Verse 1: DJ Quik]
I'm hard and I'm flossy and I'm all that
You talk a lot of sh*t, where your bodyguard at?
I got a pocket full of money, where the mall at?
Where the quads at, where the drinks, where the broads at?
n***as fightin over b*t*hes need to squash that
You should be disgruntled 'cause you didn't land a posh cat
It's black pu**y and I'm still tryin' to wash that
Rinse it up, lip to butt, right between the center gut
Sit in my lap, and look at my snaps
Drop a 20 and watch these troublemakers fightin' for scraps
My drawers so clean, my nuts are so powdered
Don't stress me out, just eat your clam chowder
Tryin' to stick my honeybee into your flower
If you like this rеcord then make the sh*t loudеr
It's so terrific out on the Pacific
Green plants and dancin' make you feel lifted
I'm DJ Quik and I'm so f**kin' gifted
That you didn't even feel when the momentum shifted
I turned the pocket around and slowed it all the way down
I'm a musical c*ckhound

[Chorus: DJ Quik]
Get down on the ground, spread your legs, put your hands behind your back
Get up and walk backwards towards me
You under arrest for them big-ass breasts
And that ass made me think you had a strap, pick your ass up
Get down on your face, spread 'em wide, where your ID?
Why you tryin' to lie to me? You've got the right to remain
Either you can ride the big-ass bus
Go to jail or go home with us, I need backup

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