"30 Bricks [Finished]"

Zaytoven on the beat buddy
So icy entertaiment baby
Poster boy
Gucci mane laflare
Back at it
Early in the morning
Its 9 in the morning
Its gucci!
You know how we do this thang mane
Its about this time
So icy ceo speaking
Gucci Gucci!

[Verse 1]
Early in the morning its 9 in the morning
I will give a damn if you ain't cookin [?]
Workin my pot dawg
Heavy wrist activity

Block trust infinite
Pound trust limited
Before you bring the work
Please tell me what the ticket is
Twenty two five and a drought where the chicken is
Bustin down blocks sellin fat rocks
Me and eggbeater shwaty standin over pots
I´m a farmer seasoned dawg see im more like a [?]
[?] cocaine and crack and about six n***as
Swing the door swing the door
Search it down search it down
[?] boy you came from up town
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