Court In The Street
(*DJ Daryl cuts up*)
("Punk police)
(they can't get none")

[Verse 1: D-Loc]
D-Loc's the name, yeah I got a thang against police
N***a, I'm straight from the streets
F**k a punk in a blue suit
Wanna get 'em up, let's go, but I just might blast you
In this game the rules is you lose
Duck to the side but you still get shook
If I miss, sh*t, you ain't safe
My homeboy Rich, kicks up the backfire

[Verse 2: Richie Rich]
So on the first note, I'm steppin' off like this
A brother only gets through life if he's serious
Givin' ain't sh*t, but see, takin' is a method
Even if you use a weapon
You see, the law ain't straight, so why follow it?
I'd rather have you give me some poison and say "Swallow it"
But now f**k that, I'm much sharper
I eat and sh*t too, but I'm much darker
So on the strength of my color I get pushed and hara**ed
Taken to jail with no questions asked
It's sort of like apartheid, there's no peace
We're holdin' court in the street
(*DJ Daryl cuts up*)
("Punk police")
("Better luck out suckers")

[Verse 3: Richie Rich]
As a positive gangster, with the motive to move on the Town
Uzis greased, ski masks pulled down
And when it's time to move, I roll a bucket
So if I kill up sh*t, f**k it
I'm up outta there, it's time to hit me a fence
Ditch my gat, then get a room, at the SixPence
Shower and change to get up out of the black
And then I'm back
I'm in the streets again, I read a paper
That says: At large
A killer with a helluva charge
His name was Richie Rich
His motive - to start sh*t
You got a gat and badge, I'm not duckin'
F**k the Klans, the Kluin and the Kluckin'
You see, I know that sh*t, I'm not a dummy
And when they get me down to the station and try to run me
I cold got a alias, that will never ever fail
You say that it does, then I will quickly post bail
Then back to the streets to get my money on and pop
Throw away the tickets and say "F**k the cops"
Am I goin' to court? Hell nah, you serious?
Man, I'm gettin' furious
'Cause the way things look we'll never have peace
I'm holdin' court in the street
(*DJ Daryl cuts up*)
("Punk police")

[Verse 4: D-Loc]
It ain't easy in this time and age
See, those are rough days, locked away in a muthaf**kin' cage
Never will they catch a young brother like me again
I'm gonna run until eternity ends
F**k that, I'm not havin' it
It don't make sense 'cause it's just dumb bullsh*t
Be in court on a certain date and certain time?
A n***a like me hits the borderline
I ain't goin' out like a sucker
I strive too hard for mines, muthaf**ka
Think you can take what I built and break it down?
Surprise, you got a bullet in your crizz'own
'Cause I ain't the one to be played
Gettin' paid is my prerogative
You think not? Well, then think again
Think about the sh*t that I talk
Because I don't take shorts I just dust a muthaf**ka off
Come up or run up on me
But when you step to the Locster, don't come weak
Be prepared for do or die, you lose your life
'Cause when you're f**kin' with Loc, it ain't nothin' nice
So to the punk police I'm sayin' this:
Drop the gat, and let's get with it
I ain't trippin', we can't have peace
You wanna talk to me, let's hold court in the streets