Burning Bridges lyrics

Azizi Gibson

I said it's all in wrist
Then when I shoot I don't miss
My whole team full of approach
Why you all not [?]
I been in this [?]
We 'bout to bless up this b*t*h
Because I'm tired of my b*t*h
Because she act like a b*t*h
And [?] same way drop that on some [?]
Got a credit card and made it better
I see [?]
And I don't need your feedback
Justice, feel that
Leave the message out the tongue
'Cause, n***a, I don't give no [?]
Lil B can do it, n***a, I can do it
JAY-Z can do it, n***a, I can do it
I don't give a f**k, n***a, who you are
At the end of day you still a human
I'm god mode like gangs too
I'm n***a mode but I ain't stupid
But I love hoes and I ain't cute
But I know who's the best, but it ain't you
Who the f**k you? You bеtter read about me
I'm Zi, ho, I got a stupid [?]
I'm monkеy be, I'm goin' power
But I be king, f**k everybody
I'm humble though with my crews around me
I know where it go, that's on [?]
I sick as f**k, just made you vomit
[?] days
'Cause some girls have the [?]
And with me you might get laid
I let you know when I get paid [?]
You can [prostitute?] to be fake
I know how n***a ace
As soon as I get this chance
I swear that you gon' change
Now back to the Benz
Let's make a mill' at these grands
I do it all for my fans
And rest in peace to my grands
I kill these [?]
They n***as [?]
Now how the f**k your ass gon' pay rent?
n***as need to take an ayo
It's priorities first, my woman at last
I got my n***as in second right after the cash
Now you know what's in first:
That's my family, brother
I holdin' down for my mother
Don't worry, everything's [covered?]
'Cause your son's on the weezy
And I'm high of the treezy
Get [?] like a [?]
All my real n***as with me
Catch me out in a city
Sonic all on you b*t*hes
b*t*hes, it's PH
Me and Millz, dawg
f**kin' early death

Burning bridges [?], b*t*h
You gon' need me at sometime
Don't you leave on the ground
I ain't givin' up until I got the game, b*t*h
Needa hop off up my [?]
Before I go cop a nine
f**kin' talkin' that sh*t's how I'm gon' explain sh*t
'Cause you take me for a joke
Now the sniper's at your dome
Metaphorically, but that sh*t is the same b*t*h
You n***as needa understand
That I don't give a damn
'Cause I don't even remember your name, n***a

Who you, bro?
Get this guy outta here
What the f**k your name, n***a?
Don't make me say it again, don't answer to that
I [?] Azizi motherf**kin' Gibson
Rest to my motherf**kin' negroes, [?], homies and home-mans
[?] swag
You're up on pterodactyl
n***as [?]
I been it for like six months now
Where you at?
I ain't tryna disrespect
Where are you?
You can tell me then, n***a, what the f**k...
Exactly, bro
Just right there you agree with the [?] that you ain't doin'
You can thank me later, now you can...
Get the f**k on what your life
Meet a beautiful girl and have a f**kin' family 'cause you not cut off out this sh*t, bro
​​preHISTORIC motherf**kin' Crew

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