Sonny Digital


[Intro: Smokepurpp]
Sonny Digital

Lil Purpp, Lil Peep
Metro Boomin want some more, n***a

[Chorus: Smokepurpp]
Ayy, I do what I want and they hate it, uh
Yeah, I keep me a 10, not a basic
Ayy, I put all the pounds in the basement
Ayy, my b*t*h like a juice 'cause she naked
I see what they want from me
I keep me a tool, I'ma squeeze
I'm sipping, I'm popping on E
Shout out my bro Lil Peep
I flex on my exes still
I'm popping on molly still
Trust nobody in the deal
I count up that money still

[Verse 1: Lil Peep]
We droppin' drugs in the champagne
Cocaine on a weekday
Propane what I smoke
You say you're rich but you're broke
Damn, why the f**k you even spoke?
Yeah, I think I'ma die, no joke
Take a couple Xans with the coke
She want me now but she didn't when I was broke
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