504 Boyz
Wanna Live Like Us
[Hook (4x): Krazy And Master P]

[Krazy] Do you ride what we ride touch what we touch
[Master P] How many young n***as out there wanna live like us

[Verse 1: Master P]

Call me hog head cause I love the cheese
Purple Juice In my cup n***a we love the weed
Send the word to the pen you felix the cat you was a man
When you went in and you was a b*t*h when you came back
In the new scoupe rims still spinnin I represent this b*t*h
The new no limit two-way me whodi I gets wit ya we high tech
Got phones that take pictures f**k wit ghetto b*t*hes
Wit gold teeth wit tattoos rollin on shaq size 24 shoes I'm
A legend in the hood that crown me ghetto bill the only n***a in forbes with f**kin gold grill


[Verse 2: S Flay of Afficial]

Yo hey let the fur hit the waist till I met the brakes
Now I drag to the floor supersize the make you might
Think you a king but don't end up like rodney in a wheelchair doped up like whitney and bobby you can catch me on
A kawasaki doin it right or the t-rex it's makes wit a carbon bike I'm pretty good when I'm shootin the dice as far as coke I'm bob barker come on down cause the price is right when I go to the store forgot I got a gram I'm addicted I need to be in a ice rehab you make me mad when you talkin bout diamonds you never had cause you lyin to tryin to ducktales like (?) it's affical till I die goes down the casket gone


[Verse 3: Yukon of Afficial]

I tell a n***a how I feel when it comes to this rap sh*t
Squeezin out the pill when It comes to this gat sh*t so
Let a n***a try be one you won't see when I c*ck it put 10 shots right in his gut leave the scene like I never did it y'all n***as never get it till they see the beam now they was screamin they was never wit it young and spitted so aggressive I only tell em once next time I gotta send it through a message we use to break coke into quarters put into this rap sh*t got me on top like a (?) in water too young to be living like this a lake in the in the back yard now I find myself swimmin wit fish these lil n***as spittin basic I got guns that spit out of bounds like neo in the matrix tell if he blink he'll die (?)


[Verse 4: Desporado of Afficial]

A yo I keep em comin like a p***o movie know I got it
But they don't know where I tuck my uzi I'll be quick
Just to lay you a slug know the trigger is there and I can pull it
Like a trick in the club as quicker than you blink give us a booth and a beat we comin wit a hit quicker than you think n***a the flow is sick I gotta a (?) flu so I'm hopin (?)