504 Boyz
I Got You Girl
Intro: (Tyron)
Come on girl, P. and C..
Sinners doin' the track..
Long as you thuggin'..
We got you

Chorus: Tyron (Master P)

Girl (Keep it thuggin' and I got you girl)
You don't even know my name (Keep it thuggin' and I got you girl)
But then why'd you spit my game (Keep it thuggin' and I got you girl)
Maybe we can chill for a lil' while (Keep it thuggin' and I got you girl)
Girl (Keep it thuggin' and I got you girl)
Cuz I like it jazzy style (Keep it thuggin' and I got you girl)
I can make it worth your while (Keep it thuggin' and I got you girl)
You will never want another (Keep it thuggin' and I got you girl)

Verse 1: (Tyron)
Girl, your so sweet, you make me weak
And there will never be another like me
I'm for real, I'm tellin' you how I feel
Cuz my life is the bomb girl

Verse 2: (Master P)
I wanna be your best friend girl, call me Poppi
Hit me on the celly, you need me you got me
I wanna show ya another side of life
Like mansions, Benz's, Roley's, ice
You could be my best friend, let's thug together
Tattoo my name on your leg, we could ride forever
I went to jail baby, you was the first to visit
We met in the hood so you my ghetto princess
Like Bonnie and Clyde so I got ya back
Matchin' championship rings like Kobe and Shaq
Whatever the kids need then I got you boo
Twin new Benz's, your's red, mine blue


Verse 3: (Curren$y)
Yeah, yo ma I hatin' or nothin'
But if you waitin' for a dude to do you good then you waitin' for nothin'
You need to get wit' a playa like me
We could sit and talk on the couch in the V.I.P
And I know how these fools be
In the club, rockin' costumes, jewelry, tryin' to feel on your booty
But that ain't even my style
I know I got a rep on the streets and these girls say I'm wild
Yeah, I was a dog, but that's in my past
This club too loud, we could hop up in my Jag
And we could go wherever you want
Hit the mall in the mornin', you could shop til' you fill up the trunk
Uh, I know this sounds nice
So won't you go and tell your girls that your leavin' wit' Curren$y tonight
Uh, young playa got game, so proper
So relax baby girl, once I got you, I got you

Verse 4: (Choppa)
Now girl I know ya want me, I can see in your eyes
But ya used to fake playaz who be feedin' ya lies
I don't have no weak mind so I don't fall for the lame
Either I get you or you get me but it's all in the game
I ain't never been a dog but I'm off of the chain
Like deed, I'll make you sweat, unless it's all for my name
See the ladies love Choppa, they say that it's on
And I'ma be a playa playa til' the day that I'm gone


Outro: (Master P)
My ghetto princess... I got you girl
Pick out whatever you want... what
15, 20 karats... money ain't an option baby
The New No Limit... I told you, I got that
We thuggin'... ya heard me