504 Boyz
Them People
Oh Sh*t
There go them people
Yo why these motherf**king people keep f**king with me man
Me and my n***as..uhh..

[Hook 2x: Krazy] + [Halleluyah]
I'mma run, on the block, with a gun
Cause I think I hear them people coming [I here them coming n***a]
And if it's beef, on the block, then it's done
I think I hear that chopper humming [I hear it humming n***a]

[Verse 1: Yogi]
I think I'll take this here bundle and stash it by the bushes
Them laws riding deep and I don't really wanna push it
Plus I got a pistol for them jackaz that be scoping
I gotta keep it on me if them people come, I'm josting
And that's the guidelines that I live and I die by
N***as walk up on ya broad day, f**k a drive-by
And if a witness still left in they never leave ya nothing
I gotta run whodi, I hear them people coming

[Verse 2: Jazzy]
3 in the morning them n***as still getting it
Glocks in my pants, Rocks in my hand
Fiend after fiend taking penitentionary chance
I guess them p's thought that it could be my last thing
They serve things quick on some get down friend sh*t
My first mind told me to grab mine 'n squeeze quick
So I let loose and let that thing start humming
It wouldn't'a never happened if I wouldn't'a heard them coming

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 3: Krazy]
I scream No Limit dog cause I'm a keen breather
I'm all set tatted up in a wife beater
And my n***as cross the ca*** they love me mane
Before this rap sh*t, dog I was slanging 'caine
My b*t*hes all love to see my tat on my face
I'mma hit 'em with that thing that's below my waist
I'm the realest motherf**ker that No Limit got
Find another n***a realer then me, Think of 'Pac
I could touch y'all haters from a mile away
My real friends all call me "Doc Holiday"
Whether I get richer not mailing least I try
And if a n***a said it I'mma hold that n***a life
[Hook 2x]

[Verse 4: Halleluyah]
I'm on the hustle for the bucks like a round the clock
I gotta cheese line of fiends pumped around the block
I keeps it gangsta, the boy stay "Dirty" like "Hampers"
And a 30-30 sound like a bang of the hammer n***a
By any means gotta get it like Malcolm
Keep the semi in my jeans you could figure the outcome..OH
You keep doubting and my n***as'll come
I suggest you play like you hear them people and run
I'm the realist to ever do it
I got it locked on the block with them grams, Cuz I'm hot with the music
Keep the thang in my hand, Man I like how I use it
Catch a hot one, watch a 4 blow like its fuses

[Hook 2x]

Man..How these punk police man they keep tryna pull us over man
These punk f**king fedz keep taping our phones and sh*t man
We ain't tripping man, Ya'll motherf**kers can't stop us man
I hear that chopper humming
N***a holla heads up when them people coming
New No Limit baby we gon do this sh*t
N***a til the game over and the game ain't never over