504 Boyz
Bounce Back
[Hook 2x]
After the storm, After the rain
After the morning, After the pain
We gon...Bounce Back..Bounce Back..Bounce Back..Bounce Back

[Verse 1: Master P]
Told me, It's a fire [get out]
This the big one, I'm in the hood with the homies still hitting one
I ain't going nowhere, Still struggling
We on the block, f**k the game, still hustling
I get my money from the streets stacking big papers
I'm on the block strapped, Mane I'm ready for the haters
Check the news mane, We don't move mane
We in that "Calliope Projects" playing cool games
I wanna bad b*t*h just like Trina
F**k around, came harder, came Katrina
I got 'em shaking and baking, We getting paper like bacon
They call us rapper G's, Mane why the media hating
I'm so hood these hands so good
Man I ain't leaving cause I'm stuck in the woods
I'm living this thug life, Serve a bud light
Used to riding on 24's with a chrome bite

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 2: Halleluyah/[Master P]]
Now let me tell you we gon bounce back, bounce back
I'm straight New Orleans like a bounce track, bounce track
Now look lil' daddy we been bout that, bout that
[A moment of silence for everybody that lost it all]
You gon see that we gon get it how we living
How we living is the realist whether in 'n out of prison
I mean we keep it gutter people sweating gotta feel that pa**
Sack of dreads, twisting wrist blinging we in it mane
My city under siege but believe we gon breathe
It brings the dead like a book wrote by Steven King
Its real life not a movie no second takes
No saying cut just President saying heaven sakes
I gotta tell it straight, We real as they gon come
We not standing down, My city never done
I gotta tell it straight, We real as they gon come
My city not standing down, Mane we never done
[Hook 2x]