Who I Smoke [Genius Users Remix] lyrics

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[Intro: Vanessa Carlton]
And I need you
And I'll miss you
And now I wonder
If I could fall, into the sky
Do you think time, would pass me by?
'Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles
If I could just see you
Tonight (Drilltime, what you cookin'?)

[Verse 1: Reserved]

[Verse 2: Reserved]

[Chorus: NigelRigel & Vanessa Carlton]
Who I smoke? Bibby (Who?) (And I need you)
Who I smoke? Teki (Who?) (And I need you)
Who I smoke? Lil Nine (Who?) (And I need you)
And now I wonder

[Verse 3: NigelRigel & Vanessa Carlton]
Y'all n****z want smoke and I think it's funny (And I'll miss you)
I'll pull up, smoke your ass, leave you like roadkill, bunny (And I'll miss you)
I ain't with no gang, it's just all about the money (And I'll miss you)
Y'all go to the street for beef, that's why you smell sc*mmy (And I'll m-)
Pull up in the the hood and the block is hot
Leave yo' bodies on the pavement, piled high with dead opps
Might do an Iced T and start shooting these cops
Throw n****z y'all away like stale cereal, Pops!

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