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Harry Fraud

"Normal Day"

[Verse 1 - Word Play]
A normal day, breeze flowing through my nappy hair
Smoking weed, kicking back, I'm back home so I don't care
Might go to the Gally later or go chill up with my honeys
Nah, prolly not, 'cause my money little funny
Just a normal day, ain't nothing a charade
I'm just having fun, like I live in a arcade
Like imma die today, but I'm only 2 decades
And I'm on cloud 9 and imma rain on your parade
I've been on my grind, it's gon be my time
Painting word pictures, something like signs
Rapping all the time, and imma be making a killing Word Play is in organized crime
Some of y'all don't know, but I went to Oklahoma
So it's only right I had to called up Ark Noah

[Verse 2 - Nel Riche$]
I hop up, lemon berry cherry and I'm fresh
I keep it real, freestyle pro I'm the best
I graduated from the rookie class, now I'm next
Just a normal day, worry heads be at rest
Gotta lot of bands, so I never been a scrub
Nelly Riche$, pretty b*tches asking me for hugs
Never thought music could've gave my name a buzz
Now I recline with fine dimes giving shrugs
b*tches on my di*k bruh I look like Taylor Swift
Crazy, I could quit the dope and make that sh*t whip
Crazy, I can f*ck bad b*tches freestyle counting chips
Crazy I can reminisce about them extended clips
And you can never find Nelly sober
Might change my government name to Nelly Bi-Polar
And my chain steady cold like it's North Polar
Riding in a Range Rover, syrup in my soda

[Verse 3 - Ya Boy CB]
Like is what you make it out to be, now your homeboy's fighting
Bout what's life, in the street, and you don't know what to do
Because another n*gga got the heat, now he's got you beat
Now you're at his funeral on your knees
Balling your eyes out because of that f*cked up town
Now you're asking yourself, "how, how did this happen"
He was only 21, his birthday was just the other day
Any normal day, and he didn't care what people had to say
Because he lived his life normal like it was just a regular normal day

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