I Luv My Project
[Krazy talking]
You n***as don't know what kinda f**kin' life is is project life is
Project life is a whole nother muthaf**kin' life
You n***as that ain't come from our area you came from tha suburbs
You n***as can't feel what we go thru in tha projects n***a

Remember me a little quiet young n***a on tha block
Big Edwin named me Krazy & Ace gave me a Glock
Ever since then I been straight buckin', mean muggin'
About to fight this lawyer cause this b*t*h is buggin'
Tellin' me to plead guilty yeah what's up
I'mma fight this sh*t in trail n***a grab my nuts
My & my lil' brother Sam screamin' out cut side
Disrespect a n***a hood it's a must you die
Me & my n***a Oreo gettin' blowed out
Just runnin' from tha cops gettin' wo' out
My n***a telly Bill just got smoked I'm drinkin' hennessey
I won't rest until I found out who smoked him G
I gettin' letters from heaven tellin' me Krazy be cool
If I woulda gotta smoked you woulda revenged me fool
N***a I feel tha same I put a mill on his head
I won't rest until his whole f**kin' family is dead now

[Chorus: Ezel Swang]
I was born in a project
N***a I'm down for my project
I slung drugs in my project
N***a I luv my project
I was born in a project
N***a I'm down for my project
I luv my project
N***a I slung drugs in my project

My cousin Deon read enough of me it at no secrect
I'm from dat same blood line so n***a peep it
When i scream out in battle my n***as my n***as gonna buck
When i scream out clown fake n***as get snuck
When we head to Martin Luther King dats when sh*t gets real
When we take it to dat rat hole n***as get killed
I represent where I'm from it ain't no lie
We rat hole, yellow high way til tha day dat I die
I still thunk about William when we went to gust
R.I.P. you & Russell for yall I bust
Me & dat mn***a Tunnavo we moved to tha Ville
My n***a just ain't been tha same since VL got killed
I can't forget my n***a Lipps I know yall smilin'
You, Chuck, & Witty I know yall wilin'
Every n***a dat I named died in tha project
We put they name on tha wall outta respect now

[Master P]
See these feds wanna indite me
These n***as don't like me
These hoes steady trippin' but it's all about wifey
Now if i go to tha pen then dat come wit tha game
A couple of years later release tha dog of tha chain
Now n***as gotta respect me cause I done balled wit tha best
Nap, Meatball, Marlo, & Glen Mess
An my ghetto heroes they still huntin' tha street
An all these war stories told ain't no squashin' beef
Kevin, Randall, Vernell, Telly, & Chris
All my whodi's out tha projects so all my whodi's missed
C-P-3 homie i took it in blood
Dat me & my n***as we scream it in clubs


Rest In piece n***a ball til' you fall
This is for my n***as wit they name on tha wall(2X)
Rest In piece n***a ball til' you fall
This is for my outlaws wit they name on tha wall
Rest In piece n***a ball til' you fall
This is for my thugs wit they name on tha wall
[Master P talking]
The Ghetto Bill Gates & Krazy this for all my project n***as out there
Gettin' dat money yall hold yall heads up to all my n***as on a wall
Dat Calliope, dat Iberville, dat Magnolia to dat Lafayette ha ha
Dat Melphomine, Dat Desire, every project n***a & every project chick
Across tha world R.I.P