"Anyone contesting Tha Dogg Pound, guaranteed instant death"

[Snoop Dogg]
It's them Dogg House n***as wit' them 504 Boyz
We the real McCoys with the plastic toys
Pop, pop
Grab the Glock, c*ck the motherf**ker
No Limit n***as, we can't be stopped
Did you hear me?
Ya heard me
Record breakin'
Hit makin'
Can't bake 'em
Real estatin'
Never hatin'
Shakin' up the game, bringin' the major pain
Yea n***a, we all in the same game
We enlighten, ignitin, never fightin'
And we got them motherf**kers bitin'
You f**k wit' P, you f**kin' wit' me
You f**k wit Silkk, you f**kin' wit' me
You f**k wit' D, you f**kin' wit' me
N***a what, that's my whole family

Chorus 2x [Krazy]
What, you b*t*hes goin' to war now (war now)
No Limit got this rap sh*t on lockdown (lockdown)
Wild out, b*t*h n***as when we come through (come through)
I hope you wear a vest, souljas touchin' you (touchin' you)
I'm bustin' you

[Master P]
I'm on the run, I head west wit' the dogs
504, that means ball til' u fall
I ain't bout' no playin' n***a, it's on and poppin'
You either workin' wit' those boys, or you out ther shortstoppin'
Now keep you eyes on the prize n***a, don't f**k wit' the hoes
Cuz you see at night in the bricks n***a, anything goes
Now you can bulletproof you chest, and they'll bust your head
N***a you scared to pop, then you could get an early grave
Cuz, one time don't worry me
I'm a third ward n***a til' they bury me (hahaa)
Two times n***a, shut it down
It's No Limit, we it on lock wit' the pound

Chorus 2X

Fresh out the courthouse, f**k the world, I'm finally free
Ask them b*t*h n***as who snitch, is they ready for me
My proverbs to the tank, believe I love it
Since that "Bout' It Bout' It" album, I was dreamin' of it
Ride wit' me, through the south, as I cruise through Texas
A young soldier, wit' about a hundred grand in my Lexus
On my way from Houston, after I scored the coke
I rather, step to jail than my family be broke
But I owe five hours, I can barely breathe
Please lord forgive me for my sins, I got kids to feed
Ain't no n***a in the Iberville givin' me sh*t
They went from trick to a b*t*h and buy that ho a fit
But my souljas, before it's over off top
Before I'm sayin' to my dogs everytime the dope is chopped
Feel that, my n***as will ride wit' me
Snoop and Master P said that they'll die for me
Chorus til' song ends