We Bust
[Silkk talking]
Ok P, I think they done f**ked up now, right?
We have to bring the headbusters down
From that 504, ya'll know wha w bout, ya heard me?

[Chorus: Krazy]
These b*t*h n***as can't f**k wit' us
We bust
I guess I gotta show you n***as you could be touched
Me and my souljas, we be bout, 50 deep
The life that we livin' we can't slip or sleep

I'm from that 405 backwards
WhereI fell in these tractors
Where n***as ride around wit' 20's spinnin' on adaptors
I'm from the Terrordome
Where n***as sport hair and bone
And there's one major label in this city, and each is own
No love for hoes
Cuz they'll leave you wit' your sh*t exposed
Set you up And get cut
And act like they don't know f**k
I'm from that dirty
Where n***as will kill behind that birdie
We use words like say brah and b*t*h you heard me

War and collide
F**k wit' us and fo' sho die
HIt yo' block from both sides
GC's sick and tired
These n***as don't play
Thinkin' it's a f**kin' game
B*t*h hide you rear, but too, we struck to your f**kin' brain
Better ask them n***as do they really want war
They'll tell you ah, nope, not wit' Spade dawg
Sh*t's real
Get your cap peeled
Feel your blood spill
Keep this snub, no steel
Cuz these thugs will kill
It's war wit' this six slugs
Known to sell drugs
Down south, thugged out, never gave a f**k
Everybody in this muthaf**ka down to bust
504, nothin' but murderas among us
Ghetto Commission rippin' them n***as up alone the choppers
TSO know that the ghetto n***as street stoppers
504, the Westbanks comin' real
504, them other n***as know the deal

[Chorus 2X]

[Silkk the Shocker]
N***a can't be f**ked wit', dawg, n***a, no way
We make n***as go to the FEDz, so they can relocate
While ya'll do it for a couple of hours, we do it for the whole day
If I gotta do somethin', sh*t, you know I gots ta hold weight
War, we about that n***a
F**k wit' my clique, I doubt that n***a
Leave the keys in the car, hop up out that n***a
Cuz we about the figgas
Still about the triggas
To myself, type of n***a that'llstay in the cut
Lil' quiet a** n***as, really don't say much
Hatas, confrence calls tomorrow, tryin' to make up
No pistols play slim n***a, hardly lift no weights up
Project n***a, sip Henny in a cup
19 on the Sedan, come through 20's on the truck
Thugged out
N***a, I love this clout
Put it down for my n***as, plus I love the South
See these n***as that I roll wit', don't gotta second guess that
They'll put it there, where your chest at
Tank around my neck, ya'll better respect that
I don't fight, if you got hands (guns fire) you'll catch that
[Chorus 2X]

[Krazy talking]
F**k it
Murder your muthaf**kin' a** n***a
Ghetto Commission n***a
And that n***a Silkk
Haha, and Krazy
I'm just thuggin'
It's all love, babay
This No Limit sh*t deep n***a
You n***as can't swim
Don't get in the muthaf**kin' water
Cuz you'll get a bomb b*t*h
We don't give a f**k
It's ain't no love
Nothin' but thugs