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Almighty Jay


Oh, gang, gang, gang (gang, gang, gang)
Whatchu-whatchu, gang, gang, ayy (gang, gang)
YBN, gang, gang, gang

ForeignGotEm (ForeignGotEm)

I got a chopstick, a FN, and the Draco hold a 100 (Daco hold a 100)
Got a shooter in a booth with me like he goin' huntin' (like he goin' huntin')
She like, who them YBN n***as? Why they always stuntin? (Why they always stuntin'?)
Where yo' bag at? Where yo' cash at? Boy, you frontin' (uh)
Smokin' cookie blunts out the cookie jar, and we don't match that (gang, gang)
Don't leave me yo' mixtape, 'cause I'm gon' trash that (gang, gang, gang)
Bad yellow b*t*h, she back it up, I tell herm, bag back (bag back)
I love my chopstick
That b*t*h be shootin', like it's Baghdad (Grrah, ooh)

[Verse 1]
Oh, you want beef with the gang? You n***as lame, I put that on God, b*t*h
Everywhere you see us at it's gang, gang we be on that squad sh*t (gang, gang, gang, gang)
The only thing my choppa say is bang, bang It be on that odd sh*t
When they see us pull up in them foreigns (skrrt), they be like, aw sh*t (aw sh*t)
Dro-drop-top (dro-drop-top), I let my money rain (I let my money rain)
All this money comin' in look like a money train (look like a money train, b*t*h)
Bad b*t*h (Bad b*t*h), and she hella thick (and she hella thick, yeah)
The way she throw it back, it drive me insane
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