Higher Plane
[Intro: The Jacka]
Ay Jack
I know they know
I know...
They can try all they want baby

[Verse 1: The Jacka]
This beat singing like a choppa full of lead
Sound like a opera when they whizzing pa** your head
Pum wonder where is the symphonette
Pushed up in a cell gut him with the bayonet
I do that sh*t for real my n***a I ain't just saying that
We really been through hell this that devilz sh*t again
Drum on a AA-12 finna shovel sh*t again
Nobody in the world can f**k with Jack
Put up your jewels and your girl cause I'm f**king back
Cause you fronting on the goons where its nothing at
How the f**k you not a goon and you the connect
That don't make sense down to my last legs
No more Act. its just Hi-Tech
Gun down your whole set (?)
No star, know DR, this sh*t timeless

[Hook: Ampichino]
I need everything thats why they call it a Jack
And n***a don't play dumb, boy you smarter than that
The strap went bang, I swear to god you won't feel a thing
Your soul levitate from your body to a higher plane
I'm looking at coke through designer frames
Never come up short, on the mob never breathe again
You took an oath to never breathe a name, ain't no way out
You gotta die if you wanna leave the game

[Verse 2: Ampichino]
Everybody gone, the streets so dry
Feeling all alone, mom please don't cry
You used to get high trying to ease your mind
I remember holding your hand screaming 'please don't die'
But she died on me the same night
There's just some things in life you can't fight
N***as from the hood never die old
I'm staring at this world through a blindfold
This ain't about money or about Benz's
I'd sacrifice my life to bring my friends back
The hearts of men, painting life through an ink pen
I'd give anything to be happy for a weekend
I saw my n***a at the mall
The next place I saw him he was laying in the morgue

[Bridge: ]

But your people will cry in the morning...

[Verse 3: Husalah]
About to say, my Ahki the Jack he
Gave me my Shahda
Exec produced the Jack artist
But I didn't want the credit
You go to heaven for the climate
And hell for the company
Inshallah, so many muslims converted now
They came up to me, said 'We on our deen'
So I said 'Alhamduillah', and most of them was mean
That mean devout in every sense of the word
Didn't think from (?)
His first rap name was Ouiny Mack
And he was the Young Boul
We never thought we would continue from
Continuation High school