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Lil’ Tone

"Murder of Crows (feat. Lil Tone)"

Stalkin' when I’m walkin', dodgin' hearses in the dirt
Pop a pill then write a will, I blow my brain out while I skrrt
Yeah you soft, Nerf, cutthroat first
Try it every time, I swear these f*ckers never learn
I be drippin' in designer all the money that I earn
Talkin' sh*t about me smoking when you can’t afford to burn
I be Catching the snakes with the mower
I’m chopping the head off but I don’t need choppers or blowers
Machete a shower, no grower
The stoner be zoning while splitting
I’m high and a roller
Pockets so swollen they fat, it’s a bloater
Left em 4 dead, got the slug on my shoulder
Indiana Jones Blow clouds like boulders
Wanna be able to retire before I’m older
My packs be so loud that Helen Keller hear that sh*t
And I’m burnin' bush so heavy even Moses take a hit
Ten Commandments on a b*tch
Popping beans I flick a Bic
Thou shalt not be disrespectful
Or I pull up with the stick
Goddamn goddamn
Whip round in a retro trans am
Midnight killer I’m the new sandman
Smash a f*cker with a wardrobe, roar, Aslan
CS:GO, just got a VAC ban
Shouts out slump god, build a drop top van
Glock go Flintstones, click, bam bam
Check in outpatient, blame on the Xans and
Kill switch stick like Voldemort, aye
Killed a pack a day when I smoked ports, aye
Beyblade, hit em with a rip cord, you keep on repeating yourself, I call it Hodor, aye
Rich goth boy, I’m Vader, mm
Magazine sh*t, like Fader, mm
Truck for my weed, Tow Mater
Demon goat legs like a Greek myth satyr, mm
Like wait, wait, wait
Just smoked 11 backwoods and I’m straight
Ichabod crane, stroll up hell’s gates
With the Bape and I put Satan back in his place
Wrap em in cellophane like I be dexter, mm
Jus stole yo b*tch Imma sext her, mm
Guilty a serial flexer
Fighting with my girl but I get good neck first, mm
Like wait wait wait
I got a shark mouth on top of my face
I got a couple hundred on my waist
Think I came out the womb in outer space
Quoted Helvetica all on my lace
Digglet, I’m coming out my f*ckin' grave
Self taught still bend words like Aang
You eating the ramen, I been eatin cake

[Lil Tone]
Breezin’ through the market
Out here tryna make a profit
I’m a prophet, y’all just cheesy
Like a motherf*ckin’ omelette, yeah
Lighter in my pocket, let’s get started
I’m whole-hearted
I’m just waiting for the day when you n*ggas come out the closet, yeah
Walkin’ away
I gotta get all my pay
On the beat just like I’m Dre
What I convey
Never speak upon my name
Gemini, I’m out the May!
Star Trek, never fazed (phased)
I don’t do it for the fame
Y’all n*ggas don’t know the game
Me and the crow got the flame
Y’all n*ggas better just stay in your lane, yeah
Y’all just super scary, aye
I’m livin like Larry, aye
Takin’ off my smiles, I got styles just like Harry, aye
On me retro Jordans, aye
No Tommy, jus Lauren, aye
True Religions on me, I’m bout to be worth a fortune
I wanna Porsche just to wreck it and torch it
I’m out here knockin on your door like a Mormon
I just smoked a blunt to lift up my endorphins
A power ranger, n*gga, b*tch I ain’t morphin
I’m rollin’ doobies, I’m a stoner, aye
Don’t give a f*ck what you gonna say
I know you itchin when I’m making chicken
Got fiery spit when I cook in the kitchen
Let’s get it

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