Young Blaze
Adrenaline Rush (Remix)
[Verse 1: Twista]
Come and build with the baller who's the nicest that's causin' the crisis
Got the ammo and agility that says rewind means grow and before it is livin' in pause and it's lifeless
I can spit a flow so move it n***a, represent the call of the righteous
Or gang bang to the rhythm when I spit it ima kill 'em with the technical precision that'll be f**king up all the devices
He sick with it like a mitt off the wet
If it's beef get the sh*t off yo' chest
Don't take off yo' vest
All 'em n***as make you dip off the set
And always get to press off the tec
Straight off the deck
My big gun will make you n***as duck
Ya'll want us to open up the trunk
Guns n***a we get 'em and buss
Murdering the enemy is the ultimate adrenaline rush

[Chorus: Twista]
Like when a motherf**ker have to go and pick up the pump to make his opposition just kick up and jump when you lit up the gun to make yo' body get up and uhh
Like when a motherf**ker have to go and pick up the pump to make the trigger pick up and dump so turn the ba** kick up and bump and let the rhythm hit off the trunk

[Verse 2: Young Blaze]
Who in the (f**k) wanna (f**k) with me?
I be the n***a spitting game to these lames to a third degree
I put you in surgery urgently
Police be rushing discussing as if they never seen emergencies
Ya'll n***as hating me ya'll don't know better
54 calicos it go through your sweater
N***as can't stand me because I make more cheddar
Coming at me? I'm 'bout to pull it like a lamb or sheep
That's how I act
N***as talk sh*t but it's behind me back
Face it then they see he full of sins and he baking breaking abbreviations make 'em come and get you should've been clapped
Let's see ya'll n***as wanna trap me clap me and see what I'm gon' do
Ya'll instigators player haters imitators ya'll can catch a motherf**king slug too
'Cuz I started with good intentions but now I'm on a mission with ammunition to snatch your cash
Leave a motherf**ker straight p*ssing through his bridges and take his riches while we accelerate with gas
On the real we be the reason n***as had the money all in they clothes [?] while I'm stackin' we actin' every action but snappin' the tec and we all full of dro got a car full of smoke
I could even try to talk about the hustler ways my n***as all hit the door leave his body on the floor
A n***a coming at us then we creepin' on the block in a 6 fosho' ya'll n***as don't know
You could get shot from the Ruger or the Glock when I'm lifting your mind with the pistol that's gon' tap your spine
N***as talking all that sh*t but the bullets ready to tap your mind 'cuz a n***a got a fat desert eagle in the back of the Regal n***a tell me what it's really gon' be
I can't see a n***a trying to take mine when a n***a can't shine got no question for something he can't reach 'cuz my tongue hit the beat
It's like 20 adrenaline rushes 20 concussions and 30 combustions I'm steady hopin'
Twenty-four seven twenty Mac-11's and twenty-four senses I'm betting I'm keeping the situation smokin'
If ya'll n***as can't handle with that too many Macs from the front to the back
Ready to cause some drama cover your mama Ima come up and cause some trauma whether you want to only because no matter what set you rep
I got some n***as that's gon' check your neck
So I would advise if you was coming at mine a word to the wise that you better watch your step
'Cuz n***a it's a Young mic check
Some n***as is wet when I'm coming with them things ya'll n***as just hit the deck
Ya'll n***as ain't a triple threat need to wear one of them vests now look at the mess hit the front get the back to your chest
Make a n***a catch a cardiac arrest for touching and touching with my motherf**king stress
Put the chrome to your dome put your a** to the test
If you keep missing I blast you the rest
While I'm killin' and stealin' dealin' and makin' a million cap will stay peelin' like I'm the issue but never I'm deaf when I'm pumpin' never lovin' it huggin' I'm runnin' stunnin' and gunnin' it waiting for your mans to say somethin'
N***as like them will talk and they stay frontin'
Dollar for dollar my sh*t will still stay bumpin'
With more heat we come hotter than ovens
Kicking more a** like we some type of jealous husbands
I don't really mean to try to trouble you but I make fun of you in a brand new BMW I'm 'bout to pull a slug or two
What you 'gon do when them bullets penetrate regulate every state and every single place and every chronicle
Clickow you n***as sit down with every sizz-ound ready to hold poles and froze back to the grizz-ound
Off the hizzle fo-shizzle mine is done without a pad or pencil or instrumental however I'm goin' shizz-ine
[Verse 3: Chamillionaire]
Allergic to pu**y a** n***as and the pu**y a** n***as always be the ones trying to come around us
I'm not a gynecologist so I'm not finna' sit here and be dealing with all you v*****s
Allergic to n***as that be thinking about jacking and then be the main n***as pulling up besides us [?]
Ahh...Ahh-choo! Gimme the gat and maybe that'll clear my sinus
Can't see me I promise, It's kinda like the eyes is
Staring off into your eyelids
When there be violence, I don't see your time 'cuz them n***as be invisible as my smile is
N***a we grindin', my team we some grinders
I'm the King I'm Your HIghness anything you could think of we probably the king of like Crunk Music to Lil Jon is
Player I promise, you could search but won't find another rhyme that is sicker than my rhyme is
'Cuz no mind [] to tell your mind is steady not to stand behind his
Put it on your mind kids, my lyrics bring violence
So please don't buy this please don't try this... at home 'cuz it's known to start cool then result in 3 riots n***a we giants
There's nobody in here ? Yup mane he get blunted
There's nobody n***a got leaves of chronic and my n***as in New York will bleed and front it
Too much weed to stomach make a call on the hater 'till he get hunted
[?] n***as don't even want it, rolling with nobody how you gon' see them coming n***a ?