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"Tell Me (unreleased)"

Yo Yo, Uh

Don't tell me when I lose, tell me when I win
Don't tell me when I'm mad, n*gga tell me where you been
Tell me you won't never tell me something sh*t again
Tell me this the end, and tell me not to overspend
Tell me, tell me, tell me
Tell me to work on my habits
Tell me to relax, or when I'm being passive
Don't let me get no pass, tell me own up to my actions
Don't tell me about my love if you ain't tell me how to match it
Tell me, tell me that she f*ck with me
Tell me she won't cheat on me
Tell me that she got me
sh*t I swear she tell me anything
Tell me that you over us, tell me she ain't into me
No, you don't got to tell me, I can tell just by your energy
Tell me the sh*t that I never understood
Tell me how to fix the hood, if I ain't never in the hood
Tell me when I'm doing wrong, or when I'm doing good
You ain't got to tell it all, n*gga tell me what you could
Wish I could tell you to live your life different
I got

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