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"Im Not Okay"

Verse 1:

I lie and i say im fine
Deep down i know im lying
Cover every stich and wound
Im mad
But im still attached to you (yeah)
Imma attached to you (yeah)

I cry,yeah,I cry at night
I hide,yeah,I hide sometimes
Mostly 'cause of you
It's all 'cause of you
I run'yeah,I run sometimes
I pray,yeah,that's all the time
For you
But you left me here
To hang around

Pre hook:
Im okay that you're not here With me
Its not fair but im living the life
Okay fine i do admit
That im not okay with this

Im not okay
My hearts in the way
I still love you,i still miss you
Even though you dis wrong
Not okay
Not okay
Noot okay

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