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"Super Mario Bros. Theme WITH LYRICS"

Step by step, it's time to go!
Who rocks the red cap?
It's-a Mario!
There's a mission to be done
And when trouble calls the Mario brothers come!

MARIO & LUIGI: It's the path of the hero, don't you know?
The path tread by the brothers Mario!
Red and green we make the perfect team
Let's-a go!

Mario and Luigi know what's right
To Bowser's castle take the fight!
We will rescue Peach for the Kingdom's sake
MARIO:(And maybe we'll get some cake!)

It's the will of the blue collar man
And where there's a will there's a way!
If anyone can do it the Mario bros. can
The Plumbers will save the day!

LUIGI: Step by step, look out for me!
Who rocks the green cap?
It's-a Luigi!
There's a mission to be done
And when trouble calls the Mario brothers come!
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