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Oh Wonder

"Luv Is Rage 2 [Tracklist + Album Artwork]"

1. Two®
2. 444+222
3. Sauce It Up
4. No Sleep Leak
5. The Way Life Goes (ft. Oh Wonder)
6. For Real
7. Feelings Mutual
8. Neon Guts (ft. Pharrell Williams)
9. Early 20 Rager
10. UnFazed (ft. The Weeknd)
11. Pretty Miami
12. How To Talk
13. X
14. Malfunction
15. Dark Queen
16. XO TOUR Llif3

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:
17. Skir Skirr
18. Loaded
19. Diamonds All on My Wrist
20. 20 Min

Album Art:

Alternative Art:

Album Backside Art:

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