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"You Thought"

I just be kicking it wishin you would (ha you thought). Pulling out popping out looking like what (ha you thought). All I be doing is switching dem doors (ha you thought). you should've already knew what it was. (I don't know what you thought)

Ah man ah man you speaking that nonsense again

You telling me that you so cool but you just flexing in front of your friends

You, you, you and your whole crew tell, me what you gonna do

Suited and booted kind of revenue

The type of the things kids would never do

I don't even know we're to start I am the youngest in charge

Can't be concerned with you, I never heard of you, I dont even know who you are

A young cat got cream Im living it up with your girl on my team

So get out the way

I'm taking the lane get yo own so don't come in my way

You saying you better than me better than me ha you thought

Saying you trynna run up on me

I ain't got the keys ha you wrong

Trynna hate on me boy you cheap that something like a groupon

I ain't got nothing to say get outta my way getting rappers like you thought

I dont know what you thinking I be killing they just pheaning

I'm to realling I'm utinded like boy I just shutup em up

No debating you just hating imma eat you keep mistaking don't have answers I swear I am gonna take the chain I swear people gonna know my name

Latto you tell me who hotter than me see all the spots they got shadows for me

Take about my crap that's best for me I got people that's blessed for me skate boy trynna ask for the key

And you mad because jermaine dupri is asking for me

They blessed for me don't know what you thought

Dont know what you thought

Mula be getting that moolah

I got my eyes on my own penny been trynna get it don't know what you thought

I don't care what you got

Get back get wack all dat big dog big shot watch out lot of money coming through o my god

Woah I just be rocking that show

Jimmy Higgins with the guitar

A lot of em try but they don't get far

They said I wouldn't be nothing

Go on these tracks don't even be cussing don't even be fronting don't gotta be bluffing

And now you everything you said that I wasn't whoo!

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