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"South Beach Freestyle"

Spaghetti J on the track
'Latto let 'em know ('Latto let 'em know, 'Latto let 'em know)

Ayy, ayy, I can't put the pus*y on a n*gga that's goin' run his mouth
Have them run up in yo' house
He love how I talk, I'm from the south
Single again, I'm back on the prowl
So they in my DM tryna take me out
I tell a n*gga, "No," like Simon Cowell
I ain't playin' fair, they callin' fouls
Tell that n*gga, "Beat it," like he on trial
I'm a rapper, but I look like a model
b*tch, I'm poppin' like a motherf*ckin' collar
Super stingy with the kitty, these hoes passed around like a dollar
Wifey did the ice, ayy, chain hit like Ike, ayy
Ride the beat like a bike, ayy, kitty strapped like a dike
Like the Internet, it's on-site, I ain't goin' lie
Swear I really got that super soaker, baby, we can go all night (I do)
Told that n*gga that I really rap, baby, I can rock yo' mic, ayy
None of these n*ggas real shooters, they just play Fortnite
f*ck around and tap Kyrie on the shoulder when I'm sitting courtside, ayy
On Instagram, he got a blue check, but do he got one in real life (Life)
'Latto goin' let them hoes know
I hit the shoe box when the bank close
When sh*t get real, half of 'em goin' fold like some damn clothes
Grew up 'round n*ggas like Alicia, they was moving keys like pianos
f*ck me good, hit a high note
Got me singin' like soprano
Ayy, I keep the pole like a stripper
Bob the Builder with the tool, ayy
He done fell asleep in this ocean, make a n*gga think he on a cruise
Ayy, I gotta chill, I got sh*t to lose
Call me BlocBoy, know I'ma shoot
Never been the type to talk it out, I ain't never goin' call a truce
Aye, I get more head than a du-rag
I get a check and run through that
And my new n*gga from New Orleans
I got all of these b*tches like, "Who that?" (Who that? Ayy)
Pull up, they like, "Where the roof at?"
Stay by his side like a blue flag
Got his back like a book bag
I took yo' n*gga, that's too bad
I just flewed out and I flew back

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