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"FNaF the Musical - Night 3"

It's been seven years since I worked at this place--
--a part of my life I much regret...
Saw kids burst in tears
A bear start eating a face...
I tried to move on and just forget...

"But YouTube ad rev is terrible, SO..."

[The Animatronics]
"Hey, where's Bonnie?"

"I haven't seen him..."


What could this be? It wasn't here before
It's bigger than me...

Maybe it's a big box!

Obviously it's full of party favors!




The pox! ...what?

Falling asleep until a phone starts ringing
Six inches deep beneath the mess on my desk!
Why would they keep a rotten cupcake up here?
Creepy and grotesque...

[The Animatronics]
Maybe we shouldn't touch it-

Why not? It's just a shady crate!

It could be corrosive-

Or even explosive!

And nobody knows if
It's not safe!

"Fine, okay! Just give me a minute! I'll wrap it back up and-... uh oh..."

Camera's gone dead... and now I'm wondering if
It's all in my head... (Yes, it's all in your head!)

[The Animatronics]
Bonnie, you said it’d only take a minute-

Maybe it took him instead...

What should we do? I'm good at panicked screeching~

Let's look for clues. Bonnie's got to be near!
Chica, would you-

“AAAAGH! Oh, sorry—

-go look inside the kitchen
How could he just disappear...

Where's she going?
Screen's not showing-
Could’ve sworn that camera was fixed...

[The Animatronics]
Foxy, can you help me?
I need you, please, to tell me
Where Bonnie is before it turns six-

[Nate + Animatronics]
Why's Bonnie here? And why's he tied up?
What's that sound in my ear?

It's cause the music box stopped!


Oh dear! Watch out! He's coming for you!

Good thing this door can be LOCKED-

Got nowhere to run, and I've got no place to hide!
Got no chance to fight or even pray!

He's got to be stopped!

He's too destructive to live!


What did he say?

He said, "Watch out for the fan!"

A little help would be great!
My face is about to be filleted!

Look! The Puppet is here to send him back to the crate!

Hey! Look out for your strings! Ooh... Too late...

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