Lil’ O
That’s Me
[Chorus 2x]
[Lil' O] (H.A.W.K)
Hey n***a that's me (that's me)
I stay underground so I can shine and stack G'z (stack G'z)
These coward a** n***as ain't got the heart to jack me (jack me)
And when it to guns n***a I pack three (pack three)
N***a that's me (that's me)

[Lil O]
Hey I live la vida loca (yeah)
Slanging coca (yeah)
Stay out on Barre and in and out the Cold House (for real)
They say stop hustlin' but I don't know how (I can't)
I'm trying to get the six big body chromed out (uh-huh)
Cause I want more b*t*hes than a damn hoe house (come here)
Hop out the limo with two broads like whoa now! (whoa!)
Fat rat with the cheese man he off the hook (uh-huh)
When you see the fat rat man you stop and look (uh-huh)
You need work call fat rat he got them books (uh-huh)
You better not try to jack fat rat got them crooks (uh-uh)
That be knockin' on a n***a door (n***a door)
And make them suckers feel the pain like the figure four (b*t*h!)
In two thousand I ain't playing with these n***a roes (yeah)
All these haters gone start respecting little O (what!)
I'm a gorilla (yeah)
That's untamed (what)
I let my guns flame (booa!)
And bust fifty shots through land and wood grain

[Mike D]
N***a, N***a, N***a that's me! (That Mike D!)
On the trill you dummies!
Froze up the whole block on dots and a hummy
Young mommies want a hog that ain't cuffing the puttee
They want a jigga with figures sittin' swole with them goodies
So follow me now to the land of the brick lick hitters
Go getters and wig splitters and a little game that gives shivers
Playboy how you figure you can step to a hog
Let off a hundred rounds drums punishing you and yo dogs
My platoon issue wounds that don't heal up
N***a when the Mack-9 reel up you better throw your shield up
We dope runners and cake runners
All out big head hunters three glots and sixin it off the chain young stunners
Better slow down lil daddy before you f**k around and get pegged
Run you off like a scared dog with your tail between your legs
Wanna be a baller when this G-sh*t go down
This my time when I clown that yo click out in one rhyme

[Chorus 2X]

I'm a outlaw (outlaw)
I'll bring it to you raw
Southpaw (southpaw) bone knuckles to the jaw
Above the law and all military forces
A hustler run the block like obstacle courses
I stand taller than Sasquatch
Rolex my wrist watch
And when the gloat c*ck it's strictly head shots
If a n***a got beef I knock out teeth
Steal you like a thief make the a**whippin' brief
Bring your family grief if the situation is getting sticky
My trigger fingers itchy cause my business is risky
You better not miss me (don't miss me)
Or you a** is history (Bye-bye!)
Yella tape the lot on an unsolved mystery
I can't deny pull more stunts than fog eye
Snitch and you'll die like bacon you will fry
My alibi "I wasen't even on the scene"
But bullet shells left a trail from the M-16

[Chris Ward]
I'm one of the ones (that's me)
That's an usual suspect
A thug that hang on an infested drug set
And stack chips, stay strap and pack clips
With hollow tips that will make you n***as do backflips
And If we go toe to toe I'll break your jaw
In three or four places like I break the law
Ghetto dope man yellow stone smokes man
Got killers and dealers on my team from here to Oakland
That's movin' more powder than Johnson and Johnson
I'm a death wish to n***as just like Charles Bronson
I'm uncut and lethal like LSD
Cocaine mixed with acid and PCP
Rap game a**a**in
If I raise I blast and bury n***as six feet deep in the gra**
So if anybody ask
Tell Chris Ward is dangerous
For the fact my profile is mob style and gangsterous

[Chrous 2X]

[Lil' O] (talking)
N***a that me n***a
I'm tired of playin games n***a
We gon sperate the the monkey from the gorillas
The cowards from the killers
The roach n***as from the go getters bout they scrilla
The fake n***as gon hate us but the thugs gone feel us man
You boys gone respect this and remember you ain't got to like it n***a
But you gon respect it n***a
Whoever don't want to respect it we gon come and take it n***a
So if we don't f**k with you n***a don't ask why we don't f**k with you n***a
Get on your f**kin' note n***a
We puttin it down the way it's supose to go down n***a
Don't ask why we don't come around n***a
We ain't friendly n***a we ain't ya motherf**kin friend man
We trying to get this paper n***a
You out here playin games
You do what you supose to be doin
I'ma do what I'm supose to do what I'm suposed to be doin' n***a
That's for real n***a
That from the Fat Rat with the cheese that's gonna anwser all your questions
Why we ain't called you and why we ain't f**kin' with you n***a
South-seea-for-lea sucka!