Lil’ O
Back Back
We in trouble this time, I feel it
Call 9-1-1, they fiddin' to be wylin to this dawg
Straight up, man
C'mon, c'mon

Back Back Back Back gimme 50 feet
Or I'ma grab the gat and hit a n***a with the heat
Back Back Back Back gimme 50 feet
Don't try to gimme dap b*t*h you ain't no kin to me
Back Back Back Back gimme 50 feet
Cause you catch a slap if keep on grillin' me
Back Back Back Back gimme 50 feet
Gimme 50 feet Gimme 50 feet

[Verse 1]
Hey here's a little story 'bout a n***a like me
I f**k bad broads live large and drive V's
Some say I'm c*cky and rude I might be
But n***a f**k you, you ain't got to like me
I'm at the bar taking sips of long island ice tea
Wrist looking' blue or icy I'm pricey
B*t*h n***as mean mugging' and starin' all shiesty
Don't make me pepper spray your face have you lookin' all spicy
Cause I know you n***as hatin' and wanna fight me
Thinking I'm all Hollywood like Spike Lee
Thinking I'ma steal you and f**k up your white T
When I catch you in your jaw I'ma f**k up your white teeth
But n***a I be ready to scuffle like dice peat
And ya'll walkin' outta this tussle ain't likely
I hope you boys ready to rumble I'm quite deep
And I ain't friendly but I'ma tell you politely


[Verse 2]
Say I'm the type of cat when I pull up in the place
You hatas like a blow job put it in they face
I buy the goochie shoes matching belt lookin' great
Dubs sounding cool you can tell I'm pushin' weights
Courtier full of flakes snow storms in the peaks
Hoe taming n***a keep my b*t*h on a leash
You the typa cat that'll chase a chick for weeks
Then try to box a n***a when you hear he hit your freak
But playa don't you know you outta line that sh*t is weak
And fightin' over broads will get you killed up in these streets
You running round here plexin' always thinking sh*t is sweet
Then have the nerve to wonder why them bullets hit ya cheek
Then wanna step to me talkin' but (Oh you foul!)
All up in my face talking bout (You hit my gal)!
I'm looking at him stupid like man this sh*t is wild
You better give me space a**hole I ain't ya pal

[Verse 3]
I keep my game on face when I'm riding on chops
Straight gorilla pimp don't even wave to the bops
Lookin' like a snail crawlin' slow through the lot
Fist full of grain other hand on the Glock
Cause when you want fee jackers want what you got
That's why I stay ready with the inferred dot
The first one to jump is the first getting shot
Put the beam on his head then I take off his block
You love to rob O like take off you rocks
Take off your shoes playa take off your socks
But I'm the type of cat before I take off my watch
Aim at your chest and try to take off you heart
You know how I do playa shake off tha marks
Hit him with the big guns that take off a part
Chest lookin' like he been ate by a shark
B*t*h you better mind stay in line play it smart

[Chorus till end]