Lil’ O
We Ain’t Broke No Mo
[Hook 1: Big T]
I remember when these hoes ain't speak cause I ain't have no doe
And these boys ain't wanna hang around cause I fell off and I was broke

[Hook 2: Big T] & (computer repeats its on again& no more)
Hey hey hey hey
Its on again
(Its on again)
Cause we ain't broke no moe
(No moe)
No moe
(No moe)
We ain't broke no moe
Hey hey hey hey
Its on again
(Its on again)
Cause we ain't broke no moe
(No moe)
No moe
(No moe)
We ain't broke no moe
Hey hey hey hey

[Verse One: Lil' O]
Extra extra read all about it
Fat rat with da cheese blew up these boys doubt it
These broads wanna speak now freak cause I was down g
Now they break they neck for sex and be around me they clown me
With words when I used to slang on curve
Grinding to get a bird now shopping spree spurs
With these cadillac swerve through these streets one deep
I don't hang with these boys they wanna see me all feet
With my belt on concrete yeah wet my chest
But I wet your face if you step to this
Lexus hoes be like those texas kids
Do you see all that ice in they necklaces
You see when I had it hard all I had was the lord
I peep game from the streets learn these cats fraud
But now my money right so I'm ready for the war
Don't make me send killas for yall I don't bard it

[Hook 2]

[Verse Two: Slim Thug]
I use to wear the polo but now I'm iceberg splurgin
Use to ride in hoodoos but now I'm flippin excursion
Slim getting what he deserving in the y2g
Cause ain't no post so on the grind like me
Trying to shine like me its hard work
I used to get treated like dirt before I wrecked concerts
I had to get what I was worth so I got it
Didn't have time to talk about it
Cause my dream than got spotted
You know me a raw dog hog a** n***a
Chasin my figures trying to get it mo bigger
Like having figures like jigga but I'm on my way
Cause when it comes to the green Slim Thug don't play
How many 19 years old got this much ice
How many 19 years old ride around this nice
Not too many I used to get treated like a penny
Now cars closing doors I got plenty
I ain't broke no mo
[Hook 2]

[Verse Three: Lil O]
I hit the scene coupe lit with screens
Twenty inches sittin on a six machine
Hop out super clean like Listerine
From my wrist and ring I'm glistening
And the way my chain glow u can't miss a thing
I told you i'll come up you wasn't listening
From the jump I had a dream like Mr. King
That I would hit model c*ck till its blistering
You can lick my thing freak me in ways that sickening
They licking my a** til its blittering
They thinking I'm a trick you can't hit your thing
Girl you trippin I kick broads out my car tell them get the steppin
When they try to jump fly like Pippin
Yeah I fell but I'm back I bled my block from a rock to a chicken
Yeah on my note baby no more slippin
Its going down

[Hook 2]

[Hook 1]

[Repeat Hook 2 til end]