Lil’ O
Southside Still Holdin (Remix)
[Intro: ESG]
Southside still holding
Worldwide, got 'em wood wheel controlling
Yeah, H-Town to Mississippi
This the remix dog, I got a couple kings with me, let's go

[Verse 1: Bun B]
I'm back up in the slab with the freestyle pro
I'm blowin' on some killer dro, he sippin' on a four
We flippin' in a drop but the top is MIA though
And we still lookin' for our bread back from Kelvin Cato
Dirty south legend but I still put it down though
Try to count me out, I'm still starting like Rondo
You ain't showin' love, what the hell you come around for?
Like the Pimp said, we still knockin' doors down bro

[Verse 2: Lil O]
Ayy, home of the slabs n***a, home of the fours
Every real n***a jam, players get chose
Hoppin' out the foreign with some J's on my toes
And a big double cup, smoke comin' out my nose
Fat rat with the cheese, south motherf**kin' west
I done walked with the legends, I done warred with the best
I done hit the strip club and made a motherf**king mess
I done caught a couple cases but I'm still feelin' blessed, whoa

[Verse 3: ESG]
Southside still holding
Southside still holding
Southside, we still holding
Worldwide, got the whole world holding
I'm talking London to Canada
ATL, see they pouring up a Fanta bruh
Yeah, from LA back to Queens
They be doin' the same thing, let me introduce another king

[Verse 4: Lil Flip]
I'm on my forty-fifth pa**port, mixing up a half quart
I been down with E since he was Perignon in Black Hoard
Then he went to wreckshop, we bought the car, we bought the house
I used to be in Super Skate with Desert Eagles hanging out
Used to sneak in Boomerang, they let me in Cairos
I never drunk Karo, my jeans had sta-flo
Now my Wraith paid for and Screw got a halo
You can catch me at Chachos, eatin' chips and queso
Southside still holding, still holding
Southside still holding, still holding
[Verse 4: Trilly Polk]
It's the fresh of both the skins, steppin' straight out of Port Arthur
I got baptized by the pen and muddy water
They love my bowties, time to show them my persona
I rolled in a Buick, pimpin', dippin', bendin' corners, wait
Say RIP to DJ Screw y'all, yeah
Man it ain't nothin' y'all
Screw it up, chop it up, kung fu y'all
Candy-coated on the slab, red or blue y'all
Southside still holding
Ridin' down I-10, cruise controlling
I saw my first swangers, they was poking
Hah, creepin' up the block slow motion

[Verse 5: ESG]
No matter where you're rolling
How much of the cash that you're holding?
How much woodgrain controlling?
Fifth wheel rollin', shoebox swollen
I said the southside holding
Southeast and Southwest, know they holding
Second ward, third ward, fourth, fifth ward
Lovin' how a boss ride, what about the northside, huh?

[Verse 6: Slim Thug]
Northside still holding
Cut off the braids, no more teeth that's golden
Pockets still swollen, ball out of controlling
Hit the southside, me and E still rolling
If you balling, get your motherf**king hands up
If you broke, get your motherf**king grams up
Sittin' at the top so they can't stand us
Used to roll blue, now it's black like the Panthers
Bossed up, still rep for the south
RIP to all the S-U-C members we lost
Top off in the Caddy, that's Texas tradition
Still can whip a bird if you put me in the kitchen
Diamonds still glisten, ain't sh*t change
OG in the game, now the world know my name
Swanging, banging, gutter lane from south main to cane
Took the city worldwide, still tippin', grippin' grain man
[Verse 7: ESG]
Yeah, southside still holding
Ridin' by the energy, my pop roof open
Yeah, like lil' shawty watch your known foes
Call my ese if you need to get it for the low

[Verse 8: Dat Boi T]
Uh, I rep that Big Moe, I rep that ESG
Still swanging in my 'Lac, Eado to the Southeast
So southside, got the fade, do the dance
Watch my wire wheels prance if I give you a chance
Still the screwed up ese, shines on my chain
I'm still independent, ridin' in the slow lane
Still sippin' on the bayou, shout out to the barrio
Only jungle cake but we chillin' on the molly though
But now we sippin' fours, still slamming foreign doors
H-Town resident, everybody know we throwed
Reppin' for the Texas Dynamo and the 'Stros
Plus the Rockets still hold, T for T with the flow, you know, ayy

[Outro: ESG]
Southside still holding
Worldwide, got 'em wood wheel controlling
Yeah, H-Town to Mississippi
This the remix dog, I got a couple kings with me, let's go