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Don’t Flop

"Unanymous vs Youthoracle (Round Two)"

Yo, I wanna back-track a couple months to a certain night
When my boy Rowan was getting undeserved hype over some words he typed
And I'm in Plymouth but I don't give a f**k, I'm saying Eurgh was right
The most racist people in this f**ked up world are white
You're a prime example of that prejudiced, bigoted sc*m
In battles anything goes bro, 'cos it's just a bit of fun
But you're racist outside of battles, let me think of some sh*t you've done
You called IM a fat Asian prick in a tweet and everyone on Twitter was stunned
So you're a little piece of white Plymouth seagull sh*t and a c**t
You said it was wrong to be racist to black people yeah
But it literally stung when you said it's okay to discriminate Asians
You almost had me thinking dumb
And made me hate my Asian dad, for shagging my white b*t*h of a mum
Now you're an absolute retard if you think that I actually take this view
Plus you won't laugh when a white gets hit but you will when Blacks and Asians do
If you actually took offence to that and think I'm discriminating you
Then you're a f**king small-minded d**khead racist too
Now you, battled in life, to battle on King Of The Dot
You was on a f**king mission, you had moved up and risen
Your writing was good so they thought you'd come with wisdom
But they never thought you'd come and diss 'em
As you freeze up and stiffen
How the f**k could you choke after you arrogantly said
'That was dumb sh*t, listen
You versus HFK was sloppy
You went out aiming to be c*cky
Spat a stupid f**king freestyle and didn't even say it properly
Then you took it in and choked like you was inhaling from a droppy
You'd have been better off skating against them Canadians at hockey, you fake little knob-jockey
Plymouth's greatly snobby
Your move-over, stop hating mate
Needs a patent - you're blatantly a copy
It's not Daylyt, it's at night time that he's waiting for the body
He's the only other rapper who could be found arse-naked with a Shotty
'Cos you, you're a copy and a spy
And to be Shotty you're admiring
And he's got what you require
It's his c*ck that you desire
So you'll c*ck back and fire
From his bollocks, the supplier
When I see you giving the big'un - what a massive liar
You're probably in the choir
Singing songs [?]
So Don't Flop, you're from Plymouth - Hobbit in The Shire
Now he's rolling with a badman, not like Danny Dyer
If he's wearing gang attire he's like Donald MacIntyre
'Cos you're the most artificial, deluded, sociopathic f**king faggot
Bruv, it's tragic
This is battle rap, b*t*h, don't do what it says on the packet
You wrote the bars but couldn't hack it
So instead on snapbacks and jackets
You should get 'This Is Battle Rap, b*t*h (and I f**king pussied out) in brackets
This fat b*st*rd bugs me
Pies won't leave him alone - he's Buggsy
He's a big country bumpkin
c**t's so wrong when this massive munter's hungry
You're a lovely jubbly Cuddly Dudley Humpty Dumpty
Now I know why you joined Adam's family
You chubby ugly Puggsley
I can imagine you re-enacting the battle together, looking into each others eyes
He goes 'I'll f**king bang you out, if you go sucking off other guys'
Listen out kid, don't get c*mshots on Shotty's mattress
And you're like 'I just wanna give you Donkey Kong schlong until your coccyx fractures'
But for the two on twos, you got dis-owned by your lover
Teamed up with Chris Leese only to discover AD asked me first
I didn't want Bamalam to blow the cover
'Cos I only said no so you two could bone one another
Plus that skyping hyping's not known to me brother
I feel sorry for your family at home and your mother
'Cos nothing makes me laugh like the thought of you two practising those performances on the phone to each other
Like 'Unan will kill ya', 'Chrissie will bury ya'
That is some of the most cringiest sh*t ever
Still I think Chris should sever his ties with him 'cos he's better
You just like to rhyme words, you're not lyrically clever
You said you bodied Bam and Cystic, never
DNA and Charlie clips was your biggest endeavor
Chris out-shined you then as well but they still made you look like a pair of over-enthusiastic d**kheads together
And when he finished like 'Yo, keep trying hard'
I thought oh that's the biggest raw par
Now hold tight my boy Grimy as I remix this four bar
I saw you get beat by gap-teeth and Clips and though nah
I haven't seen a body like that since Pinky the pornstar

Look, I don't mind if when I don't bring up his personal life it don't get a reaction
Just as long as they ain't complaining when I get on my rap sh*t
The walls of my mind are decorated like the sacred tombs
I spit the same fluid that leaks from ancient fruits
Devilish weaponry, behead your messiah
Scorched oxygen pockets from ingesting the fire
The place I'm from is dead end and dubbed unimportant
A jungle full of junkies, young mums and abortions
I try expand but people are born to die here
The lower class smoking crack resort to the pipe here
I drink away the liver pain thinking about what I'm here
Why, when in search of balance to we only find fear?
My mind's so ahead of it's time it moves in lightyears
I hit your girl with a nut shot like Johnny Cage
I did this to you b*t*h, look into the monster's face
You might be used to winning but not today
So move back, there's a new manager in your Office Space
I'm ready for war wherever you populate
I don't need a Glock to spray
I want to see Notts in flames
So I'm hovering above it with rockets aimed
Launching missiles the size of chopper blades
Cyclops optic ray
Melt the features off your face and re-chord your vocals like Dr Dre on The Chronic tape
I get your girl open on a surgical vibe
I stay brain-dead with a murderous mind
I'll straight sharpen up the curve of the knife
And make Ds out of your circle of live
I don't need a sword or scissors
I don't need an orc or wizard
All I need is a pen and a pad, some peng in a bag and a set of the rawest lyrics
And I'll take Youth out like an abortion clinic
Now, I;'m just here to get the job done
So when I am killing a rapper
Why would I give a f**k about my like-ability factor
You're all just cutting your nose off to spite your face
I mean do you really think a highly trained assassin catches a body then wipes his blade
Then looks towards innocent bystanders and says:
'I know I took a life today, but promise me you still like me mate'
f**k that, f**k that, f**k that
This is f**king raw intricate lyricism versus a bunch of cheesy sh*t that's easily relatable
But now you're eating with a raging bull so if you want beef I'll bring a table-ful
The icon's back, you'll get your spinal snapped
You wouldn't see me in a fight, I put my life on that
I've got an ill mind so whoever Hopsin is getting eye contact
Look where you are now mate
You'd be a doughnut to slag Plymouth off
But if you do I'm gunna send Nick and Rob
Round your house, to nick and rob, kick your dog
Put your nan in a submission lock and give your little sister a swilly bob
Now when I told my girl I was battling Youthoracle, we had a brief discussion
She said every time he uses an obese joke, I'mma give you deepthroat
So keep'em coming
You said to Fredo that you're part Asian, but you're clearly not
You're just next on my killing spree
But if rap don't work, I've got a really good way you could get into the industry
You should start a boy band with Villun and call it 'Ethnicity'

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