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Don’t Flop

"The Saurus vs. 100 Bulletz"

[Round 1: 100 Bulletz]
Bamalam got rock bands
You get a more Grimey scheme from me
Cause this Wretch 32, Wiley rob Matter
That scene ugly, Jehst cause he Swayed judges with Flip Trix
And deemed funny Nines Rattlin at him
Deacon bullets Ghetto Plan B dummy
I got a Tempah T, I call a shot so leap dog or your team bloody
Lowkey my Ruff Sqwad Roll Deep in The Streets and gets P Money

*Repeats scheme*
Compared to those rappers, what did you actually do?
You call yourself legendary, when it ain't actually true
Rest in piece, Biggie, Pac, Jam Master and Proof
But I'm saying Bullets killed way bigger rappers than you

Tell The Saurus book for cover or get lit up like an e-reader
Your soul fly, laced over electric lines like some cheap sneakers
Your skin crawling with leach-feeders or been chopped with a meat cleaver
Guard your crown or you kilt/killed with a big cap like a beef eater
I lost to Bamalam, that's Pulp Fiction; bring out the Gimp
I go Medieval, a bad record player better start skipping like a broken needle
Prone to evil, control the masses with my words like the Pope's cathedral
Now you begging for a pound in your mug like British homeless people
They know I'm lethal, see these clips earlier like a Matinee
Saying I got bad bars gets you Two-Cans for acting gay
You didn't used to rap this way, your whole approach to rap has changed
I taught him how to rhyme and punch at the same time, I'm Cassius Clay
Wordplay, name flips, don't fake or pretend
I say a Shawshank Redemption line, against DNA, you say it again
Behind bars, you just like Andy Dufresne at the end
You gotta walk in someone else's shoes to break out the pen

Listen, you gon' lose today, sensei punching ain't a Kumite
What got you thinking you're a peer? This is how Bulletz choose his prey
For even thinking you're up here, watch how Bulletz chews his prey
Ask anyone in Europe here, if you're who Bulletz chooses; pray
Before the Grand Prix, you said I would be the next rapper that would make it
Each punch fascinated, every win congratulated
So I won't diss your dead pops and make your tuck your tail like Patrick Stay did
But when I muzzle him in London, that's another vet decapitated
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