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Don’t Flop

"Shuffle T & Marlo vs Big J & Lefty"

Lefty: Aight, yo. Shuffle-T and Marlo

Big J: Are you gonna do that mixing up their name thing?

Lefty: You know what, I was Bruv but they're just, they're just hard though Bruv

Big J: Trust me man. Coz Marlo, you're such a G that if you went to Jamaica for a week they'd let you say 'Char' and 'Warblo'

Lefty: Shuffle-T is such a G his Easter egg was luxury. We'll swag this out comfortably. See you man are hard but, the only time you're touching weed is when you're actually touching weed

Big J: But I've always been gangsta as sh*t, I'm about that. But I wanna be you, I want a long coat that looks like a dressing gown(a). That I could wear to bed and take out man. And I want long wavy hair that I can brush and blowdry after I get out the shower. Truths out now

Lefty: Trust me man, coz I wanna be like you. It's a shame we're just proud guys. But I wish I was brave enough to wear my inside clothes outside

Big J: But what's good Brudda. You look like a good Brudda. You look like you've got a good mudda. And a good fadda

Lefty: You look like you've got mad swag. No, seriously Bruv, you've got MAD swag. The last even I seen him rocking the coldest Winklepickers and the hardest man bag. HARD BRUV. You look like a mad swagged out Jonny Depp granddad

Big J: You're shoe game is sick! Oi Left we need to get some shoes like this

Lefty: They ain't shoes they're slippers

Big J: They're not slipoers Bruv they're flippers

Lefty: They're not flippers, they're just... Different
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