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Oh you dance baby,never seen dance like this
Thats ya man baby,you might need a n*gga like this
Change of plans baby you might need to work a night shift
Count up bands baby love the way you tlk that fly sh*t

Verse 1

Whats the vibe,whats the occasion
Im poppin out,send the location
Might just f*ck around now nd keep u waitin
Pull up pull up pull up u forgot you ever waited
Whats the spread baby,im ya favorite
I done..went and got all situated
I ain't neva come up from no f*cking basement
Apt 6e before the pavement

Had to go pick up the pace
Psychedelic highs got me trippin out my face
Lil mama over heard me i was tlkin bank
More money more vibes wtf u think
Pour up dusse
f*ck wit chu sayy
Wen these n*ggas get to chattin
Tell em truee sayyyyyy

I been cooking in the kitchen this the nu (wave)

If i lost it all nd got it back 4 waysss


Verse 2
She do dior and givenchy
Mix it wit the nova
She be wearing all saints
Like she from the nola
Lil bad puerto rican
Damn i think i kno ya
You ain't even bout to gass me
You coming over
Wen you put in all this time
n*ggas want you to provide
Idk you these ya homies they can pack it up and slide

ON GOD i was broke so i had to improvise
On God n*ggas neva asked if i was good or not
I was tryna catch a come up
I was betting on the browns
Underdog my whole life
Now im f*ckin up the town
You can bet on me on me on me x2


Can you dance baby, can you dance baby
No i never seen you dance baby
No no
Can you dance baby
Ayy yai


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