"Free Youngboy"

Drum Dummie
Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmmm
Huh, hmmm, da-da-da-da

Gotta drop up on the opps, man, I know where they be at (La la la)
b*t*h I rob the plug, he was sellin' where he sleep at (La la la, la la la)
Fell in love with these drugs, Percocets I be fiendin' (La la la, la la la)
And b*t*h I'm prayin' to the Lord but I'm livin' like a demon
I keep the glizzy on a n***a man I use it for protection
I snuck a Glock up in the club, don't you come up in my section (b*t*h)
I got promoters really scared, every show we be reckless (b*t*h, b*t*h)
Caution tape up on the on the murder scene, this sh*t can get deadly (Murda, murda, murda, murda)
Told my momma not to worry 'cause I'm livin' like a thug
And my mama keep on tellin' me to slow down on the drugs
So much pain in my body, can't make this sh*t up (Oh, oh)
I threw the dirt up on my own, with just me and my gloves (Oh, oh)
It's just like a throwback, a n***a push your sh*t back (Grr)
I don't f**k with police, b*t*h I'm screamin' "f**k the dispatch"
Put this hollow in your throat, like a motherf**kin' Tic-Tac (Huh)
This choppa break a n***a down like a f**kin' Kit-Kat (Ha, ha)
High speed the blue lights, we run from the coppers
I hit him with two, sent him straight to the doctor (The doctor)
I'm sonnin' these n***as, they callin' me papa
King of the jungle they call me Mufasa
They say "young Choppa he ain't steppin'", man a n***a must be crazy
I wipe a n***a nose like a snotty-faced baby (Huh, yeah, yeah)
b*t*h, I still got it on me while a n***a on probation (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
And I'm screamin' f**k the judge, and you know I'm beatin' cases (Huh, f**k the judge)
Slippin', I'ma stick him up, b*t*h, give me everything (Ha, ha)
b*t*h, I'm screamin' f**k love I never buy a wedding ring (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Same n***a from the East, n***a, I never change (Huh)
Surgeon with this choppa man, I'm tryna take a n***a brain (b*t*h, b*t*h)
Last n***a play with me, I sent him to the heaven gates
I ain't never f**k with Josh, but I love totin' Drac's
b*t*h I'm boutta get 'em wacked, then I move to another state (Huh)
I got a bucket list​ for the opps, who I'm gonna kill today?
Everybody rise, kill my enemy then watch his mama cry (Everybody rise, cry)
Everybody dies, I'm a demon in disguise, you can see it in my f**kin' eyes (Everybody dies)
Mama say, "why did you grow up this way?" (Grow up this way)
I was sitting up in court, I couldn't look at her face (Look at her face)
I could never do it right, keep on makin' mistakes (Mistakes)
Then I rose to the life from a sunken place (Sunken place, yeah yeah)
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