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"Bee (Remix)"


[Verse 1: Krill Dog & Ant Cats]
Ayy, Joe
Yo Joe oh no there hoes
The crows gonna hate
Krill these gonna hate (really)
It's nearly the release of Ant Cats vs The Haters
It's bearly one week left
Like Squirtle is on this sh*t wait he is
This is no hate on Mr 666 (Mr)
Screamin' and hatin'
Like f*ck off Nathan
Like stop the hatin'
Hate on Nathan

[Verse 2: Squirtle]
RIP my Dogs on Minecraft
I'm about shine craft
The spine craft
It's about to rhyme maft
Goku and what the f*ck is Roku
Or Moku Chock you f*ck you
You a pus*y ass fool
Little Boy

[Verse 3: Ant Cats]
Yeah rip to my vro XXXTENTACION
Yeah Bro Joe
No more
No one can be like Ant Cats
Summer is my time where I record some bangers
You haters are the bummers bum boys
Sc*m boys who
Mr 666 man f*ck off
You a b*tch ahh

[Outro: Krill Dog]

[Verse 4: Squirtle]
Twerk it for us
Me Squirtle
Don't f*ck with turtles
Krill on this beat
Like it's a feat
Fear of Ant Cats
Face Tats
I used
I'm a rapper
f*ck with gang
Make you like 442oons guy who got hurt aye (ayy,)

[Verse ?: Unknown Rapper]

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