Drum Dummie
(Yeah, Young n***a World)
Felipe S
Mook got the keys jumpin'

I'm gettin' to a check while I'm steppin' on they necks, woah
Might need a Patek on my wrist for the time, bro
The say, "Oh, my bad" when they see me, I be on go
Never lose my cool, I'm too smooth, yeah, it's gon' show
Homework, keep a tool
Don't make the news, just count these blues
Remember ridin' around in the Jags, ayy
With a couple of killers, please don't flex, ayy

Grew up in the G, I'm with it, ayy (Ooh)
Money callin', they stay hatin', bae (They be hatin')
Ayy, 'cause they be fakin' when they say, "I love you" (Ooh)
I tell 'em, "Don't lie to me" (No, no)
No matter if I trust you (Trust)
Make one slip and cut 'em up like surgery (Surgery)
It don't take nothin' to keep it real (Real)
And I know you won't ride for me (Ooh)
Answer the question, would you die for me? (Ooh)
Blue's Clues or Bonnie and Clyde with me (Me)

They say, "Trust the process" (Process)
Fightin' for what I want, it's a protest (Protest)
Still the man in middle school, ballin' like gym class
Every time I move, pray that I don't crash
Know no fairy tail, gotta make this dream last
Gotta make my future better than my past
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