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"Gangsta isLand"


I’m calling you down I’m hittin you up
I’m Texting ya phone just to see what is up like
If you in the need for some things
I’m thinking we could attached the strings
I pick you up in the range
Tonight we doin it strange, and i ain’t driving
I’m backseat baby seat reclining
Building up a jotty, yea you see me vibing
Always with a hottie
The others never reach the climate
Give a f*ck if she sold, if the pus*y is gold
If she snatching a soul or if she old
My heart cold is what a n*gga said
I’m like that n*gga dead, No that n*gga dumb
She making that n*gga fed
Shorty where you from
Is you gettin to the bread
I was raised in the slums
Earned all of my streets cred
Lost some homies to the game
Some up in the feds
Pouring fours to keep me sane
Taking shots to the head
Disrespecting my gang put a shell in ya head
Supafly n*gga we stupid fly
And you kno nino on that skateboard sh*t
Getting trippy n*gga with a skateboard chick
Thrasher tees and some vans
Be the mother f*cking kicks !

On a gangsta island
Come surf with us, split work with us
Put in that work with us
On that gangsta island
Got b*tches twerking for us
And they working for us, & dey willing to f*ck
On that gangsta island
I got nothing to lose i leave em on snooze
f*ck bout a picking and choose
Up on this gangsta island
Continue do Wat you do ain’t nothing to prove
Ima make you my boo "on that gangsta island"

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