Hippie Sabotage

"Two Rivers"

At times I see right through you
Cause everything you ask me to do
Makes me so damn confused
Like two rivers that run right through you
All I do is try to heal you
And I may not ever heal you
But I know I just want to prove
We ain't done what we gon' do

[Verse 1]
That's like weighin' in your options
Slip, will do it often
But trip I’ll make you soften
I’ll listen when you're talkin'
These problems we're gon' knock 'em
Eyes we still prying
These gaze we'll lock 'em
Doin' ain't watchin'
Complainin' is ain't no option
My agent [?]
This rage was ain't stopin'
That age you was brought in
Keep workin' you'll blossom
From dirt wе keep risin'
These obstacles wе'll hop 'em
Still runnin' you ain't lost 'em
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