This goes out to all my thug n***as and b*t*hes out there (soldiers)
At ease, solute, C-MURDER all the motherf**kin' riders out there
Representin' its motherf**kin' no limit up
Bout it bout it rowdy rowdy
Slodiers, Soldiers, Soldiers, Soldiers

Huh n***a what I'm a soldier (we soldiers)
Huh n***a what we soldiers (we soldiers)
Huh n***a what we soldiers (we soldiers)
I'm a soldier (I'm a soldier)
Huh n***a what I'm a soldier (I'm a soldier)
Huh n***a what I'm a soldier (I'm a soldier)
Huh n***a what I'm a soldier (I'm a soldier)
All I wanna be is a soldier (I'm a soldier)
I'm a motherf**kin' No Limit Soldier

I'm a No Limit Soldier 'til I'm dead you can't worry me
I represent the tank 'til a b*t*h n***a bury me
TRU on my back initiated in blood
Bout it n***as start fightin' when I walk in the club
You could tell I'm a soldier by my army fatigues
And you could I'm a killer by the way a n***a bleed
Forever TRU I'm gone roll to your motherf**kin' city
If I come to a show I've got a hundred thugs with me
Scream No Limit cuz I'm in it I represent it
I never met a tank dawg that didn't business
N***a we killers by n***as countin' millions in paper
Luteinent of a label full of soldiers n***a

Huh n***a what we soldiers
Huh n***a what we soldiers

[Master P]
N***a n***a n***a mercenary killers street hustlers and dealers
N***a ghetto millionaires captains, colonels, luteinents
We packin' G's n***as stackin' Ki's n***as M-16 .45 AK's n***as
Follow me dumpin' n***as study humpin' I ain't Donald Trump
But I keep the ghetto n***as and b*t*hes jumpin'

Huh n***a what we soldiers
Huh n***a what we soldiers
[Silkk the Shocker]
Let's get ready to f**kin' rumble
I'm a No Limit soldier n***a that's who
Tank around my neck represent respect n***a
Bout it full of f**kin' tattoos
Am I ??? its the drugs and bud n***a clique for the common soldier
Drug dealers real n***as and thugs
Cuz I'm b*t*h I'm a soldier fool I thought I told ya
Ammunition fully loaded camoflauged Range Rover
Against all odds Tru n***as don't fall n***a we ball
N***a army fatigue n***a weed up in my draws
You don't wanna take no poor wreck in my hand holdin' your bag
About face salute, you've been recruited so throw up your soldier rag
N***a when the tank come through put some pep
In yo motherf**kin' step
F**k the rep I'm a soldier toldja that's til death

Womp womp, n***a this Fiend I'm a surviving soldier
You could tell by my breed or my feed cuz if I bleed
Its a color fatigues see my greed keep me hungry
I'm a No Limit spar wanna get it on
When your gone blows have the tank up on your lawn
Was born to bust out n***as protectin' my people
Ain't no sequel blastin' and rappin' and my fool and I'm lethal
They gone understand how to keep us so planned
And how the f**k we stay on billboards more than the marbolo man
We soldiers
Huh n***a what we soldiers
Huh n***a what we soldiers

And to them fake soldiers below the street lights
We watch them die holdin' their riches and they b*t*hes
Diggin' up ditches for the snitches in this ghetto
Will it happen makin' some white rappin' checkin' out my toes
Tell my hoes I never rest 'til they murder my foes
When a cop done shot when a cop done dug and I watched
Them bullets snatch me lookin' at my camoflauge
Makin' sure they didn't blast me
When I die bury me in my camoflauge cuz I'll be down with
My thug motherf**kers other n***as ride 'til its over
We gone live and breath soldiers

[Mia X]
I'm still on more times tryin' pay the bills with ryhmes
Criminal thoughts makes my nine in the picture much clearer
Its the biggest diva mama cat off the top
Open shot on your block and drop the sh*t your system's got
What no limit soldiers kickin' up dust in your face
Rowdy rowdy when we march in the place we face
None n***a don't you ever come f**ked up
Tryin' stun off flex you get more hoes than a hair net
Miss X be the one Tru soldiers call mama
Drama regulator lyrical lady alligator
Fade ya motherf**kers now whatcha whatcha want do
B*t*h we comin' through bout to run over you we Tru

Huh n***a what we soldiers
Huh n***a what we soldiers

[Big Ed]
Steel toed boots camoflauged down with the soldier strut
???? get out the way n***as duck n***a what
Guerilla warfare should of had your a** about there
With this impact display rip through backs and still we get some where
Oh yea n***a what you gone do step to the tank
Have n***as fight on who gone shoot you
Big Ed is a captain atain hut sloute carry on as you were
Gettin' rowdy with the tank dawg troops

[Kane & Abel]
When the tank roll up its like ten bombs blown up
My military comrads don't give a single solitary f**k
Pull the gat off the shelf n***as gone sh*t on they shelf
My warriors want more war mentality drug dealin'
Fatality f**k your feelings use my gun for proficent killings
P gave the order Kane & Abel is willin'
Spittin' ammunition leavin' loved ones missin'
Come out this week we pistol whippin' makin' sure you listen

Huh n***a what we soldiers
Huh n***a what we soldiers

I'm a buffalo soldier smokin' doja
.45 caliber armered pistol when I load I could stop a bull dozer
March there with my army I get marched over
Before you disrepect me you better serve a hundred octobers in Angola
(Hoo) Who as you were b*t*h stay still lay low
You better f**kin' knock a hole in your A-O
I'm marchin' with my AK one two three
Ya'll n***as wanna be like us but it ain't gone be
Huh n***a what we soldiers