N.L. Party
[Intro: Master P]
Uhhhhh, ha ha Yall like that huh
The party don't stop yo Check it out

[Chorus: Soulja Slim]
Ain't no party like a No Limit party cause a No Limit party don't stop
Ain't no party like a no limit party cause a no limit party don't stop

[Soulja Slim]
We got this motherf**king party on lockdown
We all family in this b*t*h so we put our Glock down
A pound Magnolia in the calliop
Bout it bout it motherf**k it, the whole world knows

[Master P]
Now the party don't stop cause we bout it
Don't make me get my soldiers out the back and get rowdy
Where the n***as at, how you do dat there?
Motherf**kers uptown n***a we don't care

[Silkk The Shocker]
Cause that we do sh*t, it just don't stop
I gotta fresh ampolla and it's sittin on drop
I can't fly when I jump shot I'm bringin this clean
Cause my boy bringin noise like a truck full of fifteens


[Full Blooded]
All I gotta do is squeeze the right
Squeeze when it's right in the heat of the night
Told two n***as better defeat the world fo fish (fo fish)
The killas fo spot, fo block and fo clock
I move more hoes lets go hot when I'm ready to pull shot, pull shots
I know when I breed em, hold down for sure
???????? through the mack and New York

Full time,four W-D plus, shots, n***as get rushed out
Bust the guts out and No Limit soldiers had enough shots
Cut throats to the fullest, keep a n***as hemp out
Toe to toe we make noise, action packed we slang boys
Trenitty flexing real sh*ts
Cut throat committed hurry hurry and we in this b*t*h
[Chorus x2]

[The Gambino Family]
I'll be the n***a that they call Feano
And I roll with a click called Gambinos
Knows in the shoulders who the f**k we be
Worldwide motherf**kers out that 1-2-3
Started off as a youngster kickin up dust
Until I slain motherf**kers who be ready to bust
Give a f**k

[Lil Gotti Gambino]
Gotti be the t**le that I hold for sure
Pokin hoes after shows with my n***a Feano
Hit the scheme for your cream if you know what I mean
Triple beam when I'm in it fourteen
N***as telling me to keep it at ease, but they ain't feeling me
Studio B's if you pull em at ease, from New Orleans to ?????

[Big Ed]
Big Ed attacking, bred a No Limit soldier
Gettin bad with me, I screw your head off your shoulders
I'm rollin with killers, thug n***as and convicts
But I love the way you lick your lips
The way you bounce that a** baby gets me kind of hot
Goin out with me, ten out of nine cherries pops


[Prime Suspects]
P threw a party down in New Orleans
Hoes pop pussies, f**k, you know what that means
Jump in the cut roll a fat one up
Fire it up, better love cause a soldier don't stut, yeah

I gotta pound of rocks so it's on and poppin
The party ain't stoppin so don't leave for cops
I drink toxic, from the brow I'm been, G
Weed and hennesy, that sh*t was meant for me

Yeah, yeah, n***as fall straight through the door (through the door)
Soldiers greet soldiers hollerin bout why (why, why)
Why let em roam (let em roam)
Type of n***as make history, and yeah what (yeah what)
Really don't give a f**k

This a No Limit party, who got the blunts and the forties
Woah!Motherf**ker it's me, the M-A-C (who)
You know my steed when I enter
I'm lookin for a b*t*h bout cold as the winter
Is it cool to f**k, I'm tryin to do somethin, run through somethin
Cause the spin in the change about nothin
You know my name, know what's tap
You know I rap, I'm a motherf**king mack
Baby girl and it's like that, it's a No Limit party

[Chorus x2]

[Kane & Abel]
My n***a Snoop brought the weed, Slim brought the liquor
C brought the cash and I brought the stripper
Freak ho shake that a** while n***as tip her
Got a pocket full of rubbers so we all goin hit her
B*t*h cleaner then Mr. Clean, a n***a decked out
Eyes hella red, Kane and Abel sessed out
Respect the tank, n***a stick my chest out
And this how we do it in the dirty south

Woah, please somebody tell me where the party at
I'm tired of holding back, I wanna shine in my cadillac
I'm here representing a soldier named Slim
See the tank on this neck, see the ice on this wrist
Picture this, I'm riding with Snoop Doggy Dogg
And so yall don't worry bout the corners, we smokin till the morning
Yall just keep the b*t*hes, now we on the way
Hold on man I think Snoop got somethin to say

[Snoop Dogg]
Think fast when you dunk, cause I won't front
And when it's time to dunk I won't be no punk
I'll just pick the heater up and bust a shot
I'm the last n***a up to rock the spot
I'm represent a n***a to the fullest cause
And if yall wanna trip, we tear this club up (tear it up)
Huh bro, n***a n***a what, I'm tryin to bust again
I'm likin likin, I want some real pimp sh*t
Mo B. D. feel me n***as out the sess
Drink for drink and think to put in the fitty
Will he be that same n***a blowin doja (say what)
Check this out, get the f**k out, party over