Tryin’ 2 Have Sumthin’
[ Master P]

Check this out twin, wanna hit me on a beeper
When ya'll ready for that n***a, I got

Huh n***a what? (You be coughing this sh*t up)
I'm just a n***a in the dope game
Tryin' to move cocaine
Herion and Weed
And a young n***a tryin' to have thangs


Huh n***a what?
I'm just a n***a in the dope game
Tryin' to move cocaine
Herion and weed
And a young n***a tryin' to have thangs


Who was the first of the brothers
Who said no bottle, because a
They crossed a bird
Had to get his hustle on with rocks and herbs
From the curb, I observe
Making tunes, I would be getting Benz and Jewels
You n***as give me room
Before I bring a lots of doom
I be soon to wearing time
17 and getting heavy
Seven fingers like off to find the relly
Oh my felly, my belly
Full of fast food
Cuz I know that cash rules my life
To like as twice as the nights
I'm living, Try my life
Fully rusted, Is a chance to get a cop busted
But I stick em' and break it off
So the rest won't test me
Luckily, Never sticking my business
Til' these hoes, And I give my friends living tears
Like my department store, C'mon
(Chorus- 2x)

[ Kane and Abel ]

Picture me and Fiend chopping up a half a key
Twenty-B*t*hes you asked for them, 2-52 for me
I'm bout to get into thuggin', muggin'
Yeah this O.P. chuggin'
You can find me in the hood
Tryin' to slang something
I serve a million Fiends
For million dollar dreams
B.B.S. stretch Lex, B*t*h I'm bout my cream
Thunder Weed and Sex
More crack than cracker jack
Silkk, 100-dollar, Tens
Please tell my friend he be right back
They say we hold it down
Like we paralized from the neck down
Slang from sun down to sun down
Smoking A Pound


(M.P.- Uhhh N***a this a muthaf**kin' 211
Don't make it into a 1-80-7 you heard)
[ Kane and Abel ]

This a kidnapp, Don't make it a killing
Put a game til' the game's over
Soldier, Ready and willing, I be letting dissing
To get paid with a gyps of AK's
If you looking for revenge, Better dig two graves
Playa, time to drop some game with the ballers
20 A grams, OZ's, To A balls to quaves
My hustle never stop, uh
Block to Block, Like a n***a sittin' on three keys
Till a rock to rock C'mon


[ Master P ]

Kane and Abel, Fiend, Master P
It ain't no limit n***a
Clean your dirty money out to good money
You heard, Tryin' to have a thang
From the motherf**king streets to the world
Real n***as take heat, Bout it, Bout it, Rowdy, Rowdy