Out of Town B’s
(Knocking at the door)
Snoop: Kane, Able
Damn, what's up n***a
Kane & Able: What's happenin'
Snoop: Snoop Dogg
Kane & Able: Ohh what's up n***a
Snoop: I got 35 bad b*t*hes in my room
N***a these out of town hoes that we out here with
Kane & Able: No sh*t
Snoop: You with it n***a
Kane & Able: For Sho'
Snoop: 1505 come get at me
Kane & Able: Kewl IM in

[Snoop Doggy Dogg]
365 days in one year dogg, and about 85 bad b*t*hes over there up
Against the wall
They all waitin' to be chose, clothes sweaty and sh*t
But all dey wanna do is see some gangsta d**k
This gangsta sh*t it's takin' the whole world by swarm
You shoulda' seen how many b*t*hes came to see a n***a perform
They swarm the stage, the minute we hit it
And as soon as p said "uhhh", the b*t*hes got wit it
Since IM new with no limit soldiers, I stay in the cut
New face on the block, so I get all the c*ck
Silky slim is what they call me, cus IM so low key
When y'all n***as in my town, n***a, hoes on me, for real
Respect game, do the same when IM on your turf
So many b*t*hes k.l. for sh*t what dey worth
You can smoke a little bit of this from the w.s
You doin' it with the d-o-double g, so you can tuck that stress
Ohh yes, n***a thats how we does it
You like doggy dogg, well I like you too, and your cousin
We bustin' like a mothaf**ka in this presidential suite
With two bad b*t*hes, I ain't gunna give a f**k about next week
B*t*hes, b*t*hes, b*t*hes
Yah, IM f**kin' with these out of town b*t*hes
B*t*hes, b*t*hes, b*t*hes
Yah, IM f**kin' with these out of town b*t*hes

[Kane & Abel]
Every other city we go, we f**k thems' pimpin' hoes
Some Louie Ville, to Little Rock, Atlanta, to Chicago
I like them hoes big fine and slim in the waist
Tattoo on her t**ty, lookin' jiggity with the pretty face
Backstage at the concert a** bulgin' out tha miniskirt
IM Kane that's able, you wanna put in some worth
Thats a g-string you got on, boy you know your wrong
Bring your girls to 15-0-5 I can't talk long
Hay yo' snoop, these b*t*hes gon' f**k tonight
Grab the rubbers and da weed, I got the Champaign and da ice
And if you come in muh room, your commin' to f**k
Take your drawz off and shut up till I bust me a nut
From the East Coast to the west, Midwest, to down south
These out of town b*t*hes gettin' d**k in dey mouth
Yo', IM all about manage et toi
Catch me in action, bangin' like a p***o star

[Kane & Abel]
Yo' Kane I seen her first, so you roll, don't be a hater
?? IM gunna play her later, after I f**k her we can switch later
I met this b*t*h, IM gunna keep her name on the low
Put my d**k in her mouth bout as deep as it could go
It's 2 a.m., f**kin' yah till 10
Tell your man back at home, hey boy were only just a friend
Like them college girls, with the funny accent
Now I got your a** bent, in my boys apartment
Don't look suprised IM one of them ?? Rapper master p
Before you blink your eyes, you gunna' be f**kin' me and c
IM tried of seein' the same OLE hoes, that my n***as dun' f**ked before
There ain't nothing like new pu**y, on the road, after a show