Watch Me
[Mystikal talking]
N***a you think you know me
Think you know me n***a
N***a you don't know me
N***a you don't know
You don't know nothing bout me
You gon' find what you wasn't looking for

Watch me or throw it off I ain't right
B*t*h I do something same rap game
Murder I just might bring it on cause it's gon' be some sh*t tonight x1

[Kane & Abel]
I heard you n***as wanna start some sh*t
44 caliber hollow tips in the Glock 30 clip
Got them rocks in my pocket rocks on my wrist
Ninety eight six hundred Benz copped from working the night shift
Trying to make a million fo' 22 what I'm trying to do
Little eager too to do what the f**k I gotta do
Flip optimal like an a** crack
N***a puff puff pas that n***a pa** the weed I pa** back
Click clack we come strapped
It's fo' sho' n***a lay low tonight
Cause maybe you could just might hit the flow tonight
I did it I said it y'all n***as is hoes
Paramedics trying to save you cutting open your clothes
N***a you don't wanna go head to head with me
I got some n***as that will paint yo head red with me
Toe to toe with me go to war with me
You could lose yo whole family trying to roll with me

Chorus x1

[Soulja Slim]
Now I know you don't want none of them boys from uptown
Come downtown to yo area until Vietnam
A hard head make a soft a** I thought a n***a told you
Slim speaking on behalf of that wild magnolia
My people gave me the low while I was doing time upstate
Told me a n***a from downtown caught a little uptown fame
That he ain't seen no real n***a yet
But I bet he don't want no drama
Laying with my people and don't give a f**k that somebody shot his shhh
I only f**k bomb killers dope dealers and real n***as
Ill n***as and trill n***as get it how they live n***as
And they thought they roam uptown for the doo doo brown
Better get face down on the ground when a n***a tie yo legs down
See that's the heart of New Orleans
Ask another n***a from another city about his 3rd
I bet they tell you that the water quick reserve
Leaving and stanking on the curve that's what they heard
They got a hell of a nerve to mail mack in the Calliope
All the way to the 10th left turn 13th
The third time you in the city of how to grow
Chorus x2

B*t*h I'll do you something
You thinkin if I cut you in yo motherf**king head it ain't gon' do sh*t
B*t*h this ain't no bluffing
Thinkin all these n***as and these weapons ain't bout no busting
Time to get wit cha we coming to get cha
If I hit you where yo d**k at it's gon' come out where you sh*t at
My murder weapon knows best
If you ain't got no vest it's gon' get protest
We making noise all day
I'm trying to tell em' but these b*t*hes got to learn the hard way
Pistol play warned from the hallway
AK spray now yo a** all taint
B*t*h I'll do you something

[Silkk The Shocker]
And I gotta do em' something too
They f**ked up and f**ked around with the wrong a** crew
Now I'm gon' come up from short in a house full of loaded tanks
Cup of canned soda for a picnic cup of canned soda for dank
See we no limit n***as so drama we bout that there
You doubt that there
That's why when I'm hanging out it's gon' be out right there
That's where n***as think our slugs at
Trying to hang where I slang my drugs at
F**k it all the n***as that make mill stay real
And how y'all f**king love that
See I'm a gangsta and plus a n***a cold wit it
Ain't scared of no n***a
You left some pots and some boards and them drama boys said go get em'
Step out the project post talking bout wooh n***a
I got a little of few dollars I'm trying to get a little bit mo' n***a
If it's gold fo' sho' n***a
Cook I stay high like a rocket can't stop it until I get away from yo
Pocket like a gold digger
Ain't nothing but a five o four n***a
When they enter putting bodies in bags and tagging cold n***as
Better get yo mind right cause b*t*h this some real life
Man tell these n***as
Watch me or throw it off I ain't right

Chorus x2